Kiera's Moon (Chapter Eight, page 2 of 32)

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"Do you want to talk to the dhjan?"

She rose quickly in response from her place kneeling at the small table. He led her into the hot morning. The battle still raged in the distance, the colors duller against the morning sky. Several fighter ships lifted off from the valley as they neared another of the buildings beside the meeting hall.

It was packed with warriors facing a screen with A'Ran's calm, hard image displayed. Her heart quickened at the sight of him. She couldn't hear the quiet discussions but saw Mansr at the front, speaking to A'Ran. Leyon waited with her at the doorway as the war discussions continued. Kiera pulled her hair into a ponytail, the back of her neck already damp with sweat. Grass tickled her feet as she stayed in place too long.

Agitated, she glanced down, then back-- kneeling to pull a handful of it free. She placed it in her pocket, ignoring Leyon's look. The warriors moved and shifted as one, and she backpedaled quickly out of their paths as they exited the dwelling. Mansr and another older man remained. He motioned her in, and she approached somewhat anxiously.

A'Ran was unreadable. He was seated, his fingers steepled and his gaze penetrating. He wasn't happy, and part of her wondered if she'd done something already to piss him off. Mansr glanced at her.

"Hello, A'Ran," she said quietly.

"Hello, Kiera." He'd never used her name before. "Are you well?"

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