Katie's Hope (Chapter Four, page 1 of 26)

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Jade waited for Darkyn to return from his meeting with Kris. He gazed into the black flames of the fire in the hearth. This had been Sasha's study less than a few days ago. He clenched his fists, not wanting to think about Sasha or Kris or how quickly he, too, could have the tables turned on him as he had done to Sasha.

He'd decided to sleep in here last night, unable to sleep in his bedchamber with the thought of Iliana's body in the trunk beside the bed. He'd accidently hurt someone innocent, and he didn't want the reminder. He wouldn't do it again.

"It went exactly as expected," Darkyn said as he walked into the study. "Kris refused to turn over Sasha or the vial. He underestimates me."

"Kris values the Code and his duty more than he does anything," Jade said with some bitterness.

"You said there is a weakness to the castle that will render the ground no longer sacred." "There is."

At his silence, Darkyn moved closer, his dark eyes piercing and the growl in his chest audible. Jade looked away. Until now, he'd always thought he could turn back. No one but Iliana had died, and the only person he'd betrayed was Sasha, whose death Kris might eventually reward him for by welcoming Jade back into his life and his bed.

"I will have it from you!" Darkyn said and struck him hard enough to knock his breath out as he slammed into the wall. Jade gasped for a moment and steadied himself.

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