Katie's Hellion (Chapter Two, page 1 of 47)

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"Almost everything looks normal. There's an anomaly in your blood test, but you're physically healthy," Dr. Williams said with a warm smile at odds with the cold sterility of the room.

"Just a mental mess?" she prodded.

"Don't be hard on yourself," he chided, pulling a rolling chair up to the exam table. "Your amnesia is trauma induced from the rape you survived six years ago."

"I was raped?"

"And beaten near death," he said with a shake of his head. "I don't know how you survived, but you did. To protect you, your mind backtracks whenever you feel overwhelmed, overly stressed, mentally threatened."

She gazed at him skeptically. Her file --two inches thick --was yet more proof that the world that seemed foreign to her really wasn't.

"So my mind blanks stuff out?"

"Precisely. It's a survival technique. The human mind is so wonderful and so versatile." By his glowing eyes, he loved his job. His enthusiasm and genuine warmth melted more of her resistance.

"But how is it I remember being alone getting on the train, and Toby got on at the next stop?" she challenged.

"It's how your mind wakes up from whatever sleep it went into. You fantasized him appearing at the next stop; it's how your psychosis snaps and brings you back to reality."

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