Katie's Hellion (Chapter Three, page 1 of 18)

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"Who throws a Halloween gala where no one dresses up?" Katie grumbled, uncomfortable in her formal dress. She'd last dressed up for Hannah's engagement party two years ago.

"Masquerade, not Halloween."

Katie didn't reply, gaping at a woman in her sixties with enough diamonds to reverse world hunger.

"Stop it!" Hannah hissed. "Pretend to fit in. Don't embarrass me."

Katie maneuvered her sequined ball mask into place only to see her sister on the verge of disappearing in the masses of women in custom gowns and masks. The women's coatroom was off one side of the entrance. Katie emerged in time to see her sister stop beside her fiancé. Katie moved toward them steadily, self-conscious in the snug teal gown that displayed the curves the slender women around her didn't have. The neckline was plunging, revealing the curves of her full breasts.

Her sister had chosen the gown and --thankfully --paid for it. It was three months' salary, though Hannah had added it to the black AmEx her fiancé paid in full every month without a second thought.

Just like their four-hour trip to the spa, the wardrobe Hannah bought Toby, the jewelry they both wore. Within a four-hour period, Hannah had dropped $50K. For once, Katie was beyond grateful. She felt almost human again after the drama of her week. She fully intended to return the gown and tanzanite jewelry dripping off her ears and neck, but for the night, she enjoyed feeling like Cinderella.

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