Katie's Hellion (Chapter One, page 2 of 24)

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"I want to know if --"



"Immortals aren't so far off from humans, are they?" Death mused. "They share their weaknesses."

"I know what really happened, and I hoped others would figure it out. He doesn't deserve to be in Hell," he replied.

"You can't interfere more than you have. How many times have I warned you about breaking Immortal Code?"

"Does nothing bother you?" he asked without heat, knowing the answer. "And technically, I interfered by making him disappear before anyone figured out he'd saved humanity."

Death smiled serenely and placed her small hand on the book. He met her gaze.

"All things come to me eventually," she said, quoting the familiar words. "You, too, you know."


"And someday Rhyn. He's on my list, Gabriel."

He was quiet, the words and holograms before him blurring as he thought. The only immortals on Death's list were those who were about to become dead-dead. He'd always hoped Rhyn would have another chance, that Hell was a place to stash the dangerous immortal until the world was ready for him.

"He didn't deserve what he got," he voiced, troubled. "In all my time, I've never felt guilt at what I do."

"You're my best assassin, and you're the only one who can trespass in Hell and return. You had to do what you did. If nothing else, you know he's safe, and so are the little humans."

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