Katie's Hellion (Chapter Nine, page 2 of 28)

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"Don't expect me to sleep with you at your bidding," she warned. "You're still a jerk."

"Only have to say yes once."

She sighed, content to rest atop him. His confidence was the only rock to stand on she'd found in this forsaken world of immortals. She didn't know if she could trust him, or Kris, or anyone yet, but she could at least know the man beneath her was probably the only man she was safe from. It wasn't much, but it was more than she'd had in what felt like a lifetime. He'd protected her and made it clear anything that got near her would die a nasty death.

Albeit everything he did was on his terms. Always on his terms. She couldn't swallow his ability to be a fierce beast shredding human-like creatures with no regard or morals. She didn't understand why he'd chosen her of all people. She feared knowing what he truly was, that she'd married a demon. There really couldn't be any kind of good demon, could there?

Troubled, she dozed, waking when she heard the knock at her door. Her demon lover was gone and her body covered with a sheet. She and her bed still smelled of him, and she breathed deeply.

"Hey, Ully wants to see you. Something about science experiments," Megan said, poking her head in.

"I'm coming," she replied, stifling a groan as she shrugged out of the sheet to stand. Her legs were wobbly, the muscles of her inner thighs stiff.

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