Katie's Hellion (Chapter Nine, page 1 of 28)

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They made love twice, then once again. When her mind had cleared and her body no longer thrummed with need, she tried to figure out what the hell had happened. She felt too sated to move. She breathed deeply of his scent and listened to his heart beat from her position sprawled atop him. She'd never felt such a connection to anyone. It was so much more than their physical joining; she'd felt him from the inside. For the first time since she could remember, she felt at peace, whole.

She didn't exactly understand the sensation except that she didn't ever want that feeling to end. She felt alone when he was gone, and while he frustrated the hell out of her, she still felt better when he was near.

"Rhyn…" she whispered. "Was this supposed to happen?"

"Don't start."

"Don't start what?"

She lifted her head to look at him. He propped his head with one folded arm, silver eyes glowing at her.

"You're my mate."

"So…that's permanent."


"Guess that means I'll have to stop sleeping around," she retorted.

"Go ahead. Don't ask where I hide the bodies."

She chuckled. His confidence was too strong to shake, and she suspected he knew just how damned good in bed he was and how unlikely any woman who'd had him would choose another man over him.

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