Katie's Hellion (Chapter Four, page 2 of 31)

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Rhyn watched, even more fascinated when the healer hesitated suddenly and withdrew.

"What is it, Rhyn? And why does it smell like the best hamburger earth can make?" Jared broke the predatory silence.

"Looks human," Rhyn replied. "Smells human."

"My left arm for a bite…" Jared groaned. "What's that freak doing?"

The healer's nervous gaze flickered to Rhyn. It drew the human off the bed and dragged the body into the corner, as if to protect them both from the immortal prisoner.

"Nothing right now," Rhyn replied. "Worst healer I've ever seen. Should be done by now."

"N…no!" the healer replied, agitation crossing its features. "Not a normal h…human."

"Looks and smells normal."


It said nothing more but ducked its head and began to clean the human with its long tongue, shuddering at each lick. Rhyn felt suddenly jealous, wishing he could taste what smelled so wonderful.

He paced again, wondering why Sasha would put a human in his zoo, unless this was the worst human in the world.

The more he watched, the less likely this seemed. The human was a female, and a young one. Her dark, curly hair was matted with blood, her features pale. The healer stopped to rest and pushed immortal sustenance --small square water and food cubes - -into her mouth.

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