Katie's Hellion (Chapter Eight, page 2 of 26)

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He handed out a note. She took it and read the single sentence.

I'll return your life to you.

She expected joy at the offer but felt wary instead.

"Andre said Kris planned to do what Rhyn did and make me his mate. Can I ever not belong to Rhyn now that I do?"

"Not unless Rhyn is dead-dead."

"And Kris doesn't believe me about Sasha," she mused. "He's not really offering me anything. He can't wipe my memory --even Andre couldn't and he's older --and he can't fix what Rhyn's done. Does he think me so naïve that I'd leap at some empty promise?"

Gabriel met her question with silence and another look of passing amusement.

"He must've forgotten I went to Hell already. I'm not the idiot he took me for when he assigned a certain baby angel to my guardianship. Of all the screwed-up men…beasts I've met, I'd trust Rhyn before Kris, even not knowing what Rhyn really is or if he really did try to annihilate mankind alongside Sasha."

"Do you believe he did?"

"I don't know," she admitted.

"What do you feel?"

She knew what she thought and suspected he did, too.

"Doesn't matter if I'm sorta stuck with him, does it?" she replied icily.

"The answer's not for me. I know what happened."

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