The Grey God (Chapter Three, page 1 of 17)

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The commotion in the forest drew Jenn and those vamps near her towards it. She'd been sleeping somewhat well beside the panoramic window when purple light lit up the foyer. She'd pulled on her boots and snatched her backpack before she was half awake, running towards the door. Vamps poured out of the fortress into the snow, stopping to puzzle over the brilliant purple lights lancing across the treeline.

"Xander! Jenn!" Jonny's voice was young and raw again. "What is it?" He shoved his way through the vamps and joined her.

"Stay here, Jonny," she heard herself say as she started forward. She stopped, angry at herself for trying to protect the boy who was no longer a boy. "I'm sorry. You may want to send a few vamps out that way. I'll go ahead, unless you prefer I don't?"

"No, go. I'll send a team after you," he said quickly.

"Jonny, send Xander." Her gaze went to the sky, and she assessed the sight she'd never seen before. The magic in the air crackled around them even from the distance.

Rather than risk Traveling to the center of the phenomenon, Jenn ran down the driveway the vamps had cleared of snow to the narrow country road leading up the mountain to the Black God's hideout. She trotted until she was parallel to the lights then plunged into the deep snow, forcing her way into the forest.

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