Dantalion of the Goetia: The Summoning (Chapter 4, page 2 of 9)

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Chapter 4

"They've got you trapped Laurel, Master Rowan didn't foresee how quickly the possession would take hold… he said you had friends to get back to here," Vine confirmed.

I could hear his words fading in and out, and felt I was slipping into unconsciousness.

"Erin and Lucia….they're numbers are downstairs by the phone," I barely got the words out.

"She's going into shock!" Sitri yelled. "Laurel… focus on my eyes…."

Flashes came and went… images of Dantalion's face. Sitri leaned closer to the others in a whisper.

"It's happening. Feeding to survive mode is taking hold… Halphas… you and Vine call her friends. Get them over here now!" Sitri remembered his promise to keep me safe. "Laurel…. Stay with us….what do you see?"

"Dan…talion… I see Dantalion."

I felt a warm glow floating, filtering through my body, a strange presence that I felt once before when death was near.

"Good… that's right… you'll be just fine," Sitri answered, lifting me up and placing me on my bed.

"Sitri… what's happening to her…. Possession shouldn't begin this quickly, " Druitte questioned.

"Remember, she's branded by the Four Kings of Hell… She's turning into a full fledged demon… we've got to get Master Rowan to shape shift here," Sitri signaled for the others to come closer. "Halphas, did you get hold of this Erin and Lucia?"

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