Fallen (The Transformed Prequel) (Chapter Three, page 2 of 6)

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I shrugged my shoulders. "The world would be boring if it only had people, don't you think?"

"People keep things interesting enough. There's no need to worry about imaginary creatures being after us when so many people are degenerates. Just turn on the news." She looked at the clock. "I'd better get back to work. Thanks for the, uh, interesting conversation."

"No problem," I said, and went back to the book. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as she got up from the table, shaking her head and whispering to herself about how insane she thought it was that anyone could even consider the possibility of vampires existing.

I read the book until her shift ended and then I followed her home. Her entire family was in the kitchen so I sneaked around back and went through a wall, then I listened to their conversations. There was nothing that interested me; only talk of traveling across the country for some science competition.

Running past them to the stairs, they didn't even see me. I loved how easy it was to get around mortals. I could have taken out the whole family and they wouldn't even have known what hit them. It was too bad that I had to wait and let Vince kill Alexis himself, but what Vince wanted, Vince got. I walked into one room and saw athletic posters covering the walls. That couldn't be her room. I went into another and saw academic awards covering the walls. That was the one.

Opening up a laptop, I stared at the password box until it disappeared and opened the desktop. I scanned through her files, finding nothing aside from school-related work. She was looking to be the world's most boring vampire ever to live. And that was saying something, because some of the royal vampires were exceedingly dull. I closed the computer and rifled through her room, again finding nothing.

Then I came to her jewelry box. Stuffed into a corner, I saw the necklace right away. I picked it up and held it to the light. She obviously had no idea what this was or she would have it in its own box, shiny and clean, locked away. The way she had it stuffed into a corner, you would think that it was a child's toy.

I resisted the urge to put it on and take it with me. I couldn't leave any sign that I had been there. I was holding the necklace that had once belonged to Ida Freysdottir, one of the first vampires, born three thousand years ago. Pictures of this exact necklace were in many of the ancient scrolls. It was one of a kind. I really wanted to take it for my own, especially since Alexis obviously had no clue what it was. She could easily just stick it in a garage sale.

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