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Audrianna looked out at the expanse of the surrounding hills and was awed by the beauty of the tropical rainforest. Trinidad was truly a beautiful place. A few feet from her was a steep cliff face that gave way to a ravine. She heard the sound of running water at the bottom, a few yards below. The mellow morning enchanted her, and the whistling birds raised her spirit and put her mind at ease.

She hugged herself in the purple fur coat she wore. Naked underneath, her black skin was starting to bear goose-bumps. She shivered. Hearing the crunch of forest leaves, she turned to look at the person who had intruded on her space. Viktor Maxckmillian, the Russian Junior Ambassador from the local embassy. She had known him for years before he received the post.

His approach was purposeful as he emerged from the canopy of trees. He wore slacks but no top, only an overcoat. He was both strong and tall, a well-chiseled male specimen. His jet-black hair was long and flowing, past his shoulders. The ends were tipped with grey, though he was barely over twenty. Audrianna bit her lower lip against the impassioned feeling inside her that his stare wrought.

"You didn't have to follow me," Audrianna yelled at him from a few feet away, scowling as he quirked a brow at her, never hesitating in his approach.

"I'm not going to disappear on you again." He stood inches from her now. "It wouldn't make any sense now that you know who I am and where I live."

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