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Viktor Maxckmillian - Russian Ambassador to Trinidad in the futuristic fantasy Earth world. He is Audrianna's husband and owner of a Multinational Corporation called Maxckcom International, were-bear with mystical powers.

Audrianna Maxckmillian - Wife of Viktor Maxckmillian, were-fox and member of the Werewolf pack of Harlem ruled by Xin Xing. She is also the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Maxckcom International.

Lincoln Huntington - Audrianna's aide and confidant and ex-Marine. He also has a bionic arm and both his legs are bionic.

Matsenêste King - Viktor's aide, former Navy Seal and close confidant of Lincoln and Audrianna.

Xin Xing - Leader of the Harlem Werewolf Pack and extreme fighter. Commanding fire is his special ability.

Dr. Eli - Scientist.

Kelly Payne - Master interrogator for Viktor's Maxckcom International black-market dealings. Has the ability to get into people's head. Martial artist weapons expert.

Elyzabel - Audrianna's personal assistant, and Kelly's fiancé.

Hell's Embrace - Viktor's magical club he uses to fight in battle.

Brighton Darksmith - A smith dedicated to creating weaponry infused with magical powers. Occupation referred to as "The Darksmith".

Grigori - Man servant to Viktor, comes from a long line of family members who steadfastly serve the Maxckmillian lineage.

Father Arie John - Chaplain-in-residence at the local New York estate church belonging to the Maxckmillian's.

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