Darkyn's Mate (Prologue, page 1 of 2)

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From "Gabriel's Hope"

Suddenly, Past-Death's words about how Deidre became Gabriel's mate clicked. Would the reverse also work? If Past-Death was dead again, was Deidre next in line to be Gabriel's mate?

Deidre faced the door, mind working quickly.

"Wait!" she called. "Your soul. If you can't do what I did in a week, I get your soul."

"Fuck off, human."

"Who's the coward now?" Deidre demanded. "You're incapable of loving him the way he deserves, and you know it."

Past-Death froze at the door. Her face was red, her eyes glittering. "You will wager your soul as well?"

"Yep," Deidre said. "Deal?" She held out her hand and drew near. "One week. Your soul and mine on the table."

Past-Death shook her hand. Cold energy shot through Deidre, and she flinched. The door opened, and they both looked towards it.

"Which one of you is mine?" Darkyn's growl made her blood run cold.

"As I promised. My payment for your services." Past-Death snatched Deidre's arm and yanked her to the side for him to see the tattoo.

The demon lord smiled. Past-Death pushed Deidre towards him.

Deidre dug in her heels before she reached him. The heat of her anger vanished, replaced by fear.

"Deal settled," Darkyn said, stepping aside. "With regards to our arrangement about reviving you…"

"We'll talk later," Past-Death said and brushed by him.

Darkyn watched her go. Deidre saw the look on his face, the same one Past-Death gave her when admiring the product she created. His attention returned to Deidre. His fangs were lengthening. She backed away, unable to fathom the idea of being trapped with him in Hell for eternity.

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