Darkyn's Mate (Chapter Five, page 1 of 14)

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Deidre.The summons came.

She stood, terrified of what she'd find when she went to the living room. Granted, she hadn't heard anything, but she knew Darkyn well enough to know he didn't plan on leaving anyone alive.

Deidre hugged herself and padded down the hallway, her heart flipping in her chest. She was expecting to see some gruesome scene like that in the second bedroom caused by Darkyn's demons a week ago or what he'd done to his own demons who tried to drink her blood in Hell.

What she saw was worse.

"Gabriel," she breathed.

Death was a dark, towering, muscular figure in the living area of her apartment, clothed in black and wearing an expression that mirrored what she felt. He was armed but hadn't yet replaced the trench coat she cost him soon after they met. His dark eyes swept over her, lingering at her neck, where her wound had healed with Darkyn's power.

"Deidre?" he faced her fully. "You're alive."

She nodded, unable to speak. Her heart was breaking again or maybe, her hope crumbling. She wasn't certain what to feel: angry at Darkyn for setting her up or sorrow at facing the mate she'd never have.

Gabriel was speechless for a long moment.

"What the fuck is going on?" he demanded.

She jumped at the harsh words. She glanced at Darkyn, who was still. Silent. Watching. She fought the urge to cross to him. This felt like another of his tests or maybe, his way of closing another door.

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