Darkyn's Mate (Day Three - Chapter Three, page 1 of 30)

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Deidre looked over her shoulder at the reflection in the mirror displaying the two markings on her back. She gripped the hourglass, a symbol of her hope at leaving, even after learning that there was no real hope.

"That was one chain of events." Fate's reflection moved into her line of sight. The blond deity with multi-hued eyes and a quick smile was dressed for a dressage event, complete with helmet and crop.

She sighed. "I want nothing to do with you." She tucked the hourglass into the small pocket inside her dress at waist level.

"Love the fangs. Super sexy."

"I'm one of those TV vampires."

"More like a little fruit bat. Harmless."

Deidre faced him, face warm. The way he said it made it clear he was making fun of her. He was studying her. He offered a small smile, not nearly as large as the one he'd given her the day he gave her the advice that ended up condemning her.

"Didn't go the way you planned?" she asked.

"Yes and no," he admitted. "I manage the destinies of billions of the living. It always pains me to see some preferred outcomes involving the innocent."

"You knew."

"I always know."

"Then why did you tell me what you did?"

"To ensure this preferred outcome came to fruition. Darkyn has been spinning out of control for many years. Now that he's the boss down here, it's a dangerous combination. He needed something to take that edge off."

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