Darkyn's Mate (Day One - Chapter One, page 1 of 23)

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In Hell, human-Deidre sat next to the hearth hours after she made the deal with the goddess who stranded her. She hadn't seen her new mate, Darkyn - the Dark One - since he drank his fill of her hours before and left. Her lightheadedness was gone and she was grateful his bloodsucking was pain free. Not by his choice, which was clear. If she hadn't bartered for a painless existence, she'd be trying to kill herself to get away from him.

If, for some reason, she was stuck here forever, at least he wasn't going to hurt her, as long as she followed his rules.

No running. No fighting.

Either of them was too much of a turn on to a demon that reveled in causing pain. The idea made her panic. How long would it take Gabriel to find her and rescue her?

Would he be able to, if he thought the goddess Past-Death was his mate?

Her stomach growled. A look around her bedchamber with its black, stone walls, ceiling and floor revealed nothing remotely edible. The large bed was set in a similar stone bed frame and covered with dark coverings. The room was allegedly the most comfortable Hell had to offer. She wasn't able to tell what time it was in Hell. There were no clocks and she had no cell phone. Her room was made of black stone and quiet with no sounds except the crackle of fire.

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