Damian's Oracle (Chapter One, page 2 of 12)

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"Think you can talk the boss into letting me come in an hour or two later?" she asked.

"Yeah, easy. I just smile pretty. Doesn't work on you, but it does on her."

"Thanks, Jake. The headaches are getting worse."

"Sofi, I'm worried," he said, softening. "What's going on?"'

"The doctors don't know," she said with a sigh. "They're flying in a specialist from overseas. They said it might be some sort of rare blood disorder."

"What the hell does that mean? That they really don't have a clue?"

"Pretty much."

"I Googled your symptoms," Jake said and unfolded a piece of paper. "A lot of bullshit posted by wannabe vampires and Twilight fans. But I found this, too."

He waved the page in front of her.

"This is fruit punch, by the way," he said, nudging the bottle of red water toward her. "Your favorite, right?"

"I don't remember telling you that."

"Anyway, among the wacko postings, I found this site." He pointed on the page to reveal a link to a website with a single name and phone number written on it.

Damian Bylun.

"What is this?" she asked, taking the paper from him.

Jake wiped his mouth the way he did when he'd admitted to cheating on her four years ago. She lifted her sunglasses to squint at him.

"It's a blog this doctor guy keeps. In it, he describes what you're going through."

"For real?" she asked.

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