Damian's Immortal (Chapter Two, page 3 of 14)

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He'd nearly reached the end of the alley when the hair on the back of his neck rose like it did when a Watcher was present, only this was no Watcher. He'd never forget his single run-in with one of the Others, a group of Watchers working to destroy the mortal world in favor of an immortal one. The two types of beings had last brought their war to the mortal realm during the time of the Schism, when they'd almost destroyed the universe.

He turned, not surprised to see the small, grandfatherly man standing deeper in the alley. Unlike the Watchers' tell-tale green eyes, the Others had unnatural purple eyes. The hum around the Other assured Jule there was only one person in the alley without any sort of otherworldly power. He lowered the woman to her feet and pushed her behind him.

"You've gotta help me!" The woman directed her plea toward the Other and tried to push past Jule.

"You want nothing to do with this guy, woman," Jule muttered. He wrapped one arm around her tightly.

"He's my father!" she snapped, straining against him.

Holy shit. Suddenly, he understood why the Watcher couldn't find her. She was under the protection of the Others. If the Watchers and Others both sought this woman, something was very wrong. Jule refused to release her, sensing more danger toward her than to himself. She stopped struggling, apparently realizing how futile it was.

"Jule," the Other said, taking a step forward. "I see you've met my daughter. She knows you've come to kill her."

"Just doin' my job," Jule replied. The Magician smashed her heel into his instep. He shifted her without releasing her. "I thought your kind hated humans."

"And I thought your kind had magics," the Other said and cocked his head to the side. "What has happened to you?"

"Don't need magics to kill a woman." Jule smiled despite his unease, not about to be caught off guard by the creature. He pulled free a knife and flipped it in the air, catching it. The woman in his arms went still as he pressed its edge to her throat.

The Other's gaze went to her. Jule waited. Others despised humans, but the fact that this one hesitated to abandon the woman to her fate told Jule more than the most discreet of immortals probably intended. The woman's fate was suddenly of more concern to Jule than messing with the purple-eyed or green-eyed trolls.

He sheathed the knife and pushed the woman away. She darted to the Other and threw her arms around him. Jule crossed his arms and watched. The Other returned the hug briefly. The woman moved behind him, her confused green eyes on Jule.

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