Damian's Immortal (Chapter Five, page 4 of 17)

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One of the other vamps drew a weapon. Jenn shot the first vamp and stepped in front of the next.

"Same thing, shithead. I get off on killing you idiots," she said in the same calm voice she used with Jonny. Her gaze went to Jonny. "May I, ikir?"

"Do it," Jonny ordered.

The vamp being interrogated no longer smiled. Jenn shot the second one. The vamp in front of Jonny launched towards her. She whirled and drew her knife, ready to kill all of them. A blur of black shot between her and the attacker. Jonny snatched the vamp by its neck and slammed it down to the table.

"How dare you mock me!" he roared, an inhuman note in his voice. "No one touches my Guardian!"

His display was too late. Jenn sensed the next vamp charge her and spun, burying her knife in the neck of the nearest before she lashed out with a kick at the next. A knife caught her arm, and she ducked a punch in the cramped space. Her knife found the shoulder of one vamp before a kick slammed her against the wall.

She vaulted to her feet, adrenaline flying through her. To her surprise, Xander stepped between her and the two pissed-off vamps waiting for her.

"Not this time," he warned them. "That goes for you, too, Guardian."

The two lowered their weapons in response, and she sheathed her knives with a glance at the blood bubbling on the scrape on her arm. Xander motioned the two vamps away. They retreated to the other side of the small room, and he stepped aside.

Jonny was silent and still, his eyes closed in concentration. The vamp whose neck he held had a look of horror on its face, and the air around them buzzed with magic. The light faded from the vamp's eyes, and it slid to the ground. Jonny released it and straightened.

"Xander," he said in a thin voice. "Kill those two. No one attacks my Guardian."

Xander drew his weapons and crossed to the two vamps, chopping them down. Jenn watched. Xander didn't move like she expected a man his size to move. His brutal strength and otherworldly agility made the futile attempts of the vamps look like they were swatting flies instead of fighting for their lives.

"I'll have this mess cleaned up," Xander said when he'd finished.

The Black God nodded. His face was drawn as he strode past Jenn. Her gaze went from him to the vamp on the other side of the room staring her down. He flipped the knife in his hand.

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