Damian's Immortal (Chapter Five, page 3 of 17)

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"Sure," she said.

They waited for Xander to return with the three vamps trailing him. With the exception of Xander's quick bow, they entered the interrogation room without acknowledging the Black God. Jenn glanced at Jonny, who looked agitated yet distracted. The kid was hard to read, and she guessed his anger had more to do with his struggle to understand his new role than the vamps who clearly had no respect for him.

Jonny entered, and she trailed him.

"I realize I've been taking the wrong approach," Jonny said. He sat in the chair in front of the vamp he'd fixated on. "I thought, if you wouldn't talk, your friends would."

"I'm not afraid of a boy." The vamp in front of him chuckled and tossed his head in greeting to his teammates.

"You should fear this boy."

Xander stepped back to the door beside Jenn. There was interest in his glowing red eyes, and she rested the palms of her hands on the knives at her belt.

"You think he can do it?" the vamp asked her.

"I think you need to keep your mouth shut," she replied.

"Sexy, even when you want to cut my head off."

"Anytime, shithead."

"You need to warn him." He eased away from her.

Jenn's gaze flew up to the strange vamp, and she followed his gaze. One of the members of Jonny's own personal guard had shifted forward and was discreetly drawing the weapon at his thigh. She never thought she'd find herself rooting for the Black God, but she willed Jonny to take control of the situation. The room full of vamps was ready to pounce on the fledgling god. They watched Jonny like they would their next victim. Her heart pounding, Jenn moved forward and whispered into Jonny's ear.

"You have about sixty seconds before we're both fighting for our lives," she warned.

Jonny glanced around the room, his hesitation giving more than one vamp confidence to draw their weapons openly.

"Talk to me," she urged. "Tell me anything."

"What do you want me to say?" he whispered.

"That'll do," she said to him then straightened. She addressed the vamp in front of Jonny. "He says if you don't cooperate, I get to kill your friends, one by one." She drew the gun at the small of her back and aimed it at the head of one of the vamps.

"Fuck you, bitch," the vamp sneered.

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