Damian's Immortal (Chapter Five, page 2 of 17)

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"Our agreement was for helping you clean house," she reminded him in a calm purr. "Besides, I'm going to help you get started. Thirty days isn't long enough for you to complete this first step, and it's crucial you do it right."

"I know you're right," he said slowly. The intensity around him faded, and the air released her. "It's harder than I thought."

She breathed a silent sigh. He'd drawn up on her twice since she arrived. Thus far, he'd listened to her, and she hoped he feared Damian enough to continue paying attention. Her gift for mind manipulation wasn't enough to influence the powerful God, and she'd found appeasing the lost young man and using the extent of her gift were both needed to influence him.

"Xander!" Jonny shouted and beat on the door to the interrogation room. The largest vamp she'd ever seen stepped into the hallway. "Bring his teammates here."

The vamp bowed his head and pushed past Jenn.

"Soon, Guardian," it whispered. "He can't protect you for long."

"Bring it, idiot," she replied, unfazed. "You wouldn't last past our first kiss."

The vamp barked a laugh and continued down the hall.

"You have no fear," Jonny said, his sharp gaze on the retreating vamp. "Even surrounded by the enemy?"

"The worst you can do is kill me," she replied. "Which is probably what your vamp in there is thinking."

Jonny's features grew thoughtful. "You're right."

"What're you thinking?" she asked.

"I'm thinking there are worse things than death," he replied. "Much worse."

"Like being forced into becoming the Black God?"

"It was my choice," he snapped. "I was thinking even someone who doesn't fear death, fears something else. It's a matter of finding what that is."

His gaze was hard, and she felt him flex his power again. His thoughts weren't on the vamp; they were on her. Jenn forced a smile on her face. She'd long since learned how to manipulate alpha males, and it wasn't by going head-to-head with them.

"I think you're right, Jonny," she said in the low, level voice she used with her trainees. "Fear is natural, even for Guardians and gods."

Her words soothed him again. He shook the tension out of his shoulders.

"I want you to go in with me this time," he said. "Call it moral support."

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