Damian's Assassin (Chapter Two, page 2 of 16)

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"Just because I dropped at your feet whenever you called for five years doesn't mean I'll do it now. It's been a year since I found out you were married and we split!"

"Hey, I really am free this time. Got the divorce paperwork to prove it."

A part of her still longed for him, to smell him and feel his skin against hers. She'd fallen for him the day she met him seven years ago. He was her world, but she'd been nothing more than an afterthought, strung along with promises for years. Now, he could deliver what he'd always promised-- a life together-- yet she didn't feel like leaping for joy like she would've a year ago.

"I'll even bring the paperwork with me," he offered. "Lunch, nothing else. If we still click, we'll go from there."

She chewed her lip. By the confidence in his voice, he expected her not only to agree, but to resume her place on his arm.

"Lunch," she agreed slowly.

"Great! How about a week from Sunday? I'll send you an email of where and when."

"Fine. Look, it's late. I'm going to bed." She hung up, sick of him and her weakness. She'd sworn off men-- especially this one-- a year ago! After all of Jonny's childhood injuries she'd healed, she couldn't fix her own heart!

Uncurling from the couch, she started to the bedroom of her father's small Miami apartment. Jonny stayed after their father's death, while she moved closer to her mom on the west coast. He hadn't changed a thing, as if expecting Papa to come home at any minute. Saddened, she considered calling him to check in when a sudden pounding at the door made her jump.

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