Damian's Assassin (Chapter Six, page 2 of 27)

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"That's his job. He has to do that, or he'd be in violation of rule number one."

She laughed again. Darian looked at her, content with cookies resting on one thigh and the cat on the other.

"Sofi says you can heal," he said curiously. "Can you heal scars?"

"I can."

He peeled off a glove to display a hand as scarred as his face.

"You've been through a lot," she murmured.

"I'm not allowed to stress you out, but can you, like, try?"

She took his hand and turned it over. The scars ran all the way through his hand, as if it had been chopped up and put back together. The idea of something so horrible happening to him saddened her. She placed her hands on either side of his and closed her eyes, concentrating. The cool energy came when she summoned it, and his body directed it where it was needed.


She opened her eyes, feeling the drain. Darian held up his hand and stared at it. The scars were gone.

"Do my face!" he said, excited. "Wait."

He picked up Sunny and crossed to the kitchen to stack the plate high with cookies.

"I'm glad you like them," she said. "Do you have a favorite kind?"

"Any kind. Dusty only eats organic shit, and Sofi can't eat at all, so I never get real cookies."

"I made these with Dusty's organic ingredients," she told him.

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