Black Moon Draw (Chapter One, page 2 of 7)

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"Hey, baby. Saw your Facebook post," my mother says. "Sorry to hear about Jason."

"Shit happens, Mom," I mumble. "Real life's so much stranger than fiction."

"Is the wedding really off or is this something you're both working through?"

I flinch, lost for a moment. I've spent the past year preparing to dedicate my life to the man I thought was my true love, only for him to tell me he's found someone else, a week before the wedding.

Someone more grounded, he claims.

I hope she's ugly. It's a terrible thought, but I can't help it.

"It's off, Mom," I answer. "He says I spend too much time with fictional people when I should be in the real world with real people."

My mother is silent.

I know she's working hard not to utter an I-told-you-so. Jason isn't the first person to try to pry me out of the land of the nonexistent and he isn't the first to leave my life over it.

Probably not the last. I'd like to think I have to lose myself in books. I've been a librarian for a year now and one of my tasks is to help identify great books to feature at the library. It's a perfect job. All I do when not behind the desk at work is read. If I don't keep reading, how will I know if I've found the next great thing? There's some vindication for a bookworm who reads an awesome book before it's mainstream.

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