Black Moon Draw (Chapter Seven, page 2 of 24)

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"What is it?" I ask suspiciously.

"Your hand." He opens the loosely draped cloth to display a hand. Blue-white skin, wrinkly, smelly, and. . .

. . .coral nail polish.

"That is so gross," I mumble, feeling a little sick. "Why would you keep something like that?"

The boy blushes. "The Shadow Knight said you need to learn a lesson. Only a witch can regrow her body."

Definitely the Villain. No Hero would ever cut off the hand of a damsel in distress.

"Put that away, squire." The soft voice of a female draws both of our attentions to the entrance of the tree trunk.

A woman fit to be a Disney Princess stands in the doorway in a flowing, elegant gown of rich blue beneath a plush cloak of darker blue. Her eyes are large and clear, a perfect spring green, her auburn hair in perfect, loose curls around a face that resembles a doll's.

She's stunning. Absolutely gorgeous.

"M'lady." The squire bows and scoops up the hand, returning to the box to sit.

"I am pleased to see you awake." The woman speaks with an accent as rich and elegant as her clothing. She lifts her skirts to step over the threshold and enters, clasping her hands before her.

Everything she does is unnaturally graceful. Slender, tall and with a posture that tells me she doesn't spend eight hours a day at a desk, and a slightly upturned nose I'm instantly jealous of, she's a character worthy of her own fairy tale.

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