Black Moon Draw (Chapter Two, page 2 of 2)

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"Except the one about your battle-witch." His second mounted his horse as well.

"'Tis how I know it's different. She will be here." His gaze lingered on the bridge. "'Tis my destiny to reclaim the lands lost by my bloodline before this era ends."

"We have less than a fortnight."

"She will come," he said, resolute.

"I know the value of a good battle-witch. We can post a sentry, if it pleases you."

"Aye. A dead battle-witch does me no good." The Shadow Knight pulled off the Heart of Black Moon Draw - a medallion carved from a rare, black gem and containing the magic of the kingdom - from around his head and tossed it to his master-at-arms. "Instruct our scout to claim her on my behalf."

"Aye, sire."

The Shadow Knight wheeled his horse to face the forest. Squeezing his calves against its belly, he raced into the trees, towards the army preparing for tomorrow's battle.

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