Black Moon Draw (Chapter Two, page 2 of 3)

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"Not tonight," he said in his low, deep growl. "I need a new battle-witch."

"And you think to find one here?" His most trusted advisor, the man who trained his armies, drew abreast of him. He wore the head of a wolf, the silver eyes and sharp fangs gleaming in the night.

"In my dreams, this is where she appears." There were no sounds other than those he expected to hear, no unusual scents picked up by his sensitive boar's nose.

"Perhaps the Red Knight of White Tree Sound has her." His master-at-arms eyed the restless men belonging to the neighboring kingdom.

"No. She has not come yet."

"From where do you expect this battle-witch to come?"

"From the edge of the world." The Shadow Knight flipped a dagger in his hand, caught it, and sheathed it once more. "Come. She is not here."

"Did these dreams say when she would come?"

"Dreams are like shadows. Even I cannot capture them fully," the Shadow Knight replied. He pulled himself effortlessly onto his massive steed with one arm.

"Except the one about your battle-witch." His second mounted his horse as well.

"'Tis how I know it's different. She will be here." His gaze lingered on the bridge. "'Tis my destiny to reclaim the lands lost by my bloodline before this era ends."

"We have less than a fortnight."

"She will come," he said, resolute.

"I know the value of a good battle-witch. We can post a sentry, if it pleases you."

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