Black Moon Draw (Chapter Nine, page 2 of 11)

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An axe wider than my thigh splits the ground beside my ear. I yelp and scramble to my feet. One look at the Green Dawn Cave warrior and I whirl to run, only to find another four behind me.

I can't die here. The fleeting thought is accompanied by raw fear. I have no idea how to use the sword I'm wearing and don't even bother to draw it. They'll just laugh at me before dicing me in half.

An idea hits me. Gripping the medallion, I raise it.

"I'll use this!" I cry.

The men back away.

"Now . . . get the hell away from me!"

"Witch!" It's the squire. I can't see him in the battle around me.

Creeping in the direction of his voice, I raise the medallion a little higher when one of the men around me takes a step to follow.

"Witch!" This bellow comes from the Shadow Knight.

"Here!" I cry.

He's large enough to see above the crowd and he's plowing his way through the throng of warriors separating us, chopping down everyone in his path. At the sight of him, the five around me melt into the battle.

I drop the medallion and release a breath. My dress is splattered with blood, my hands shaking.

"I told you not to leave my side!" The Shadow Knight snatches my arm.

I push at him. "I didn't have a -"

"Silence!" His roar makes me jump. Sheathing the axe, he pulls out his sword and tightens his grip around me. "Hold on."

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