The Black God (Chapter Three, page 1 of 13)

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"I forwarded the reports on the most isolated Guardians' station we could find."

Jonny glanced up from his phone, where he'd been skimming through said report. His base in southern Oregon perched on the ocean and was surrounded by trees. He sat on the veranda off the top floor in the cool fall sun. "Reading it."

Even Damian's most un-secured location was still a nightmare. No station, however remote, was truly ever defenseless. Some were located in crowded neighborhoods, some in more isolated areas, but all had the ability to raise the alarm and alert the White God within seconds if attacked. The target Charles had found was located in a tiny city in southern Idaho.

"We confirmed the trunk runs to this one," Charles added, referring to the White God's secret internet network linking all the stations.

"Four Guardians, two shifts. The house is never empty and located in a neighborhood," Jonny said and lowered his phone. His gaze went to the ocean. "Also warded, I imagine."

"Yeah." The older, more experienced vamp was studying him. "I see one way in. What do you see?"

Charles had been instrumental in Jonny's learning of guerrilla strategy and war tactics as well as strategic planning. He often took on the role of teacher, and Jonny debated a moment, assessing the situation as he had been taught. "No direct attack. No sneaking in with one Guardian always on duty and the wards up," he surmised. "We need a distraction to draw them out and a reason for the wards to be tripped that'll cover our activities."

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