The Black God (Chapter Seven, page 1 of 8)

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"How's he doing?" Jonny asked, looking over the shoulder of the tense hacker vamp.

"Good," came Stuart's preoccupied response. "I figured out he's been using the cell phones they find to locate other local vamp activity for the vigilante."

"I didn't think it was possible with throwaways."

"If everyone were using throwaways, it wouldn't be. But only the foot soldiers use disposables. Per your orders, everyone programs their boss's number into the contacts as soon as they get the phones. He's using that data to track our vamps."

Jonny growled under his breath. "Smart," he admitted reluctantly.

"Can we vamp him? He can help me with the Guardian roster challenge," Tasha asked.

"No. Not an option," Jonny replied. "Can we do the same thing with the rogue vamps?"

"If we had a phone, yeah," answered Stuart.

"The talisman is starting to learn to link the locations of our vamps but it's not as quick as I'd like it to be," Tasha said. "A phone might be enough to give us the location of the rogues."

"Someone who can write algorithms better than I can would help," Stu said hopefully. "If you could vamp someone like that …"

"We're working on it." Tasha shot him a look. "But this is a good development so far."

I love good news. It was rare when Jonny heard it. "Charles."

His loyal second stepped forward from his position watching near the door.

"Send someone back to the restaurant and warehouse in Monterey. See if there's a phone someone missed we can exploit," Jonny ordered. "We can track them this way while we continue to recruit the Natural Trackers we want to vamp."

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