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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ryan Sloan is a member of the following IQ societies: Mensa^, Intertel, Mysterium, High Potentials Society, The Commune, the International High IQ Society, VINCI, the Poetic Genius Society, EPIQ Society, the ISI-S Society and the OATH Society. The former four groups include members who rank in the top two percent of the general populace in terms of intelligence, while the fifth and the sixth involve those persons who are the top five percent of the general population in terms of intelligence and the final four rank in the top one percent.

Several of his number jumblers have appeared in the magazines of the Mensa Eastern North Carolina chapter and of the International High IQ Society--Mblem and IQ Magazine, respectively.

Note: This book does not necessarily reflect the opinions of American Mensa, the Eastern North Carolina Chapter.

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