Muse Power: How Recreational Music Making Heals Depression and Other Symptoms of Modern Culture (Chapter 6, page 2 of 11)

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Chapter 6

Keepin it Live!

A live music experience is a two-way sharing process: those playing the music share it with those listening, dancing or observing; and they in turn share their energy with those playing the music. This melding is not just communication, or the processing of information (Meyers 1967:Ch1), but communion." (21)

"Another amazing night of music, drumming, dancing, sweating the stress out of the bones of my being! This medicine of community music is, for me, far more than anything else can give me. It's real, it's tangible, it's hands moving, eyes seeing, feet pounding, body shaking, soul resurrecting truth beyond anything else.

And the amazingness of REAL people, not hyped up on a stage, not separated by the over amplification of electronics, but sharing the floor together, all at the same level of being.

Witnessing, and being witnessed. Singing and BEING the song, dancing and BEING the dance, Praying and BEING the prayer creating something magical together. The sweetness of being, such a deep and profound truth of human experience that we, with our modern culture, dj's and over amplified sounds have forgotten as a mass.

I give thanks to those who are keeping this way of being alive. Those who still play music together for the love of community and sharing, for the experience of depth that it offers and the undeniable bond that it forms between us as humans on this swirling planet earth. Untrained, real, raw voices are more beautiful than any trained one to my ears."Journal Entry: Cheri Shanti, Oct, 2007

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