The Wronged Princess - Book I (Chapter 2, page 1 of 4)

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Queen Thomasine almost rued the day she'd had a son.

Non, that was not quite right, for she loved her son dearly. But she'd be hard pressed to refrain from admitting that the comfort of a daughter would be pleasant. Someone with whom she could embroider, or titter on about the failings of men. She sighed. Such bonding experiences, she thought wistfully.

Regrettably, that had not been her destiny.

She shook away the fantasies and turned to the misfortune at hand. For days now, seven to be precise, Prince had moped about the palace, hoping against hope his mysterious young woman would somehow reappear. Drop into his life the same way she'd dropped out.

Thomasine had deliberately let a full sennight of his nonsense persist before finally summoning him to set forth her twin's and her underhanded scheme. 'Twas not without some guilt, however.

She quashed the feelings ruthlessly and addressed him. "Have you decided what it is you are to do now, mon fils? You have spent this week past doing naught but brooding and sulking about."

His gaping shock was most telling.

"Maman," he said sharply-deeply offended.

She bit back a searing retort, irritated that young men dared think a mother could not possibly understand such dilemmas. Bah, what was it with today's children? Did they believe their parents had sprung from the womb grown? Not experienced love and infatuations in their youth? That they hadn't had a youth?

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