Whisper In The Wind (Chapter 1, page 3 of 8)

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Chapter 1

Mrs. Carrington patted her arm. "I know it's difficult love, but remember Marshall lived life to the fullest. We need to follow in those footsteps, no matter how difficult the journey."

"You're absolutely right," she said, putting her arm around her friend, who stood only an inch taller, but seemed so much more. Though this woman was old enough to be a grandmother, she lived life with vivacity and youthfulness. The touch of rouge on her high cheekbones and her short hairstyle showed it. "Speaking of living life to the fullest you better keep your dance card open. With as beautiful as you are, you're going to be fighting off the men, young and old, tonight."

"In this old thing," she said pointing to her eggshell colored silk chiffon dress and then laughed. "If you don't go lasso that young man of yours, someone else will, maybe even me."

Caitlin shook her head and laughed. "I'm in trouble now. Garrett never could resist your apple cobbler."

"It's a curse, but I manage." Light danced off the older lady's emerald green eyes in a way that left the person wondering her true meaning. "Go," she said and pushed Caitlin towards the refreshment table, "before I step in and take your place."

With a deep breath and another round of smoothing her dress, she said, "Hey. What happened to our glasses of punch?"

"I saw that look in Rachel's eyes and knew she only asked to get you alone for a few minutes. So, what were you discussing?"

"You," she said in a teasing manner.

"Oh, boy! I'm in trouble now," he said cringing. Then his eyes widened as he stared into her green eyes that looked like polished jade. His gaze remained on her oval face with high cheekbones as he reached out for her hand. When their hands touched it reminded her of holding a dragonfly. The wings flitted and tickled your hand, yet this sensation flowed through her entire body. She never wanted to let go of him, but she knew that was impossible.

"You really do look beautiful." His tenor voice reached into her soul like a favorite song and rendered her speechless. A single breath proved daunting.

"Thanks," she mumbled, staring at the floor while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. I feel like a 16-year-old-girl who is falling in love for the first time. "Are you ready to dance?" he asked.

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