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Chapter 1

Caitlin Chadwick arrived at the Valley View Town Hall for the Sinclair's' 50th wedding anniversary with a deep sadness lingering in her heart and soul. She looked beside her for her granddaddy and tears filled her eyes when the place remained empty. Over the past few weeks his voice laughed with excitement over celebrating this milestone with his friends. Marshall Chadwick, Caitlin's grandfather, loved to dance and celebrate with his friends and neighbors, so why wasn't he here? "Why didn't he get one last dance with me?" Caitlin closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had cried so many tears the past week; how were there any left? With each breath she focused on her reason for being here-celebrating a love that had spanned fifty years.

A warm presence enveloped her and she opened her eyes. Looking to her right she saw the most handsome man she had ever seen or known-Garrett Winston. It seemed hard to believe she had known him for over twenty years. So what if he was ten years older than her. He was the only man she had ever loved or would ever love. She could not imagine anyone coming between them.

Each time she saw him he grew more handsome and her love for him grew deeper and stronger. He showered strength in his classically handsome features and now instead of sad feelings she had jitterbugs in her stomach. Last night he had asked to be her escort and she never hesitated in saying yes, but now she was second guessing her decision. What would their friends and neighbors say when they walked into the party together? Would they make a huge deal about it or realize he was fulfilling a duty out of reverence to Marshall Chadwick? Caitlin truly hoped he was here with her because he wanted to be, not out of obligation. Their friendship had strengthened over the past week as they reminisced about their friend and loved one. His help and guidance made it possible for her to come here tonight. Deep in her heart she wondered if they would ever move past the friendship stage? Only time would tell.

"Sorry I couldn't pick you up at the house, but my meeting took longer then expected. Thanks for waiting for me," he said, a shimmer in his bright blue eyes. The cream-colored cotton sweater with herringbone pattern brought out his boyish features. The navy dress pants showed off his long legs.

"No problem," she said smiling through hints of tears.

"Thinking about him?" he said, cupping her chin with his hand. She nodded and sniffled. "He would want you, us, to have a great time tonight."

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