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Chapter 6

Thoughts lingered on the horrible way she parted with Garrett. Did he not find their relationship, or lack thereof, tormenting, too? "If I told him how I feel, he would know it's all right to speak his words." Her smile quickly faded as she realized he might not have feelings beyond friendship. Was she ready to open up her heart and expose her true feelings? She had always been the one who waited for the man to express his feelings first. "Which is probably why I don't have a boyfriend now?" She sighed. "I don't want to lose Garrett. Even though unrequited love hurts, I would rather have him as a friend than not have him in my life. Did Barbara leave open wounds that refused to heal? Will my words infiltrate those wounds and make them worse? What if my words of love heal his wounds? Why is love so damn confusing?" She tossed and turned all night, visions of Garrett remaining so close yet too far to reach out and touch.

Morning light filtered in her window and she covered her face with the quilt. "UGH! Why are men so frustrating?" A rumbling sound caught her attention and she hurried into her grandparent's bedroom to look outside. "What is he doing?" Then she saw Mystique, her grayish-white mare, come around the back of the horse trailer. "That little devil. He brought my girl home."

She wanted to run outside, but decided against it. Garrett would knock on the door soon and they would share a cup of coffee before both headed off to work. The knock never came and soon the truck was put into reverse and he left. A larger void took over her heart and Caitlin wondered how much longer it would hold out. Disappointment and setbacks seemed to be very popular right now. "Hold on, Caitlin. No one ever said life or running a ranch, let alone, starting one, was easy. Why did I have to go and throw love into the mixture?"

It was time to welcome her baby home and that is what she did. "Hey girl," she said entering the barn. "Caitlin's glad you're home." She nestled against her and kissed her. A note was tacked to the stall. "Sorry about last night. Be patient, please."

"Is it enough, girl?" she asked the mare, silent tears wetting the rims of her eyes. "Do you have problems like this when it comes to stallions? I sure hope not." Caitlin reread the note and it brought some hope, but not enough. The one question that hounded her came around again. How much time do I give him?Then her thoughts settled on a new question. How easy would it be to move on without him? Though work surrounded her, Caitlin took a trip into town for different scenery and something else to think about. Once in town, her mood lightened upon seeing the gazebo with greenish top that stood in the town square welcoming everyone. The church steeple stood above all else and promised hope and life. This was home, no doubt about it. Many found small town life stifling, but this place was too near and dear to her heart to ever leave. Even when she was gone, this town remained in her heart and soul. It reminded her of the conversation she had with Garrett the night of the burial. He said, "No matter where you go, the Double C will call you back."

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