Whisper In The Wind (Chapter 9, page 1 of 12)

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Chapter 9

Weeks passed without sight or sound of Scott MacKay and an uneasy feeling hovered over the Double C. It was like the dark clouds rolling in, but never dropping rain. At any minute the downpour could happen, or the clouds could continue moving on revealing a shiny bright sky. Only no one knew the outcome. Even the phone calls had stopped.

None of it kept Caitlin from dwelling on the events over the past weeks. Unsettled business surrounded her but she found nothing in the files or the appointment book. If only Scott had mentioned something. Every time it seemed he was ready to talk, the look on his face changed and the words were suppressed deep inside him. It would take the work of a magician to find them and release them. "Only I'm no magician."

Caitlin looked through the appointment book again as well as the files. Every piece of paper her grandfather had ever saved now lay in a large pile in the middle of the floor. There was nothing connecting this situation to the past. Her granddaddy had been a sound business man. No shady dealings; nothing left unattended.

"Garrett mentioned about someone trying to buy the land." Caitlin snapped her fingers, grabbed her car keys, and drove to town. If anyone knew about it, Rachel Carrington would have the story.

Caitlin stopped in the middle of Main Street when she saw Mrs. Carrington cruising towards the post office. "I was on my way to your house," Caitlin shouted out the window.

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