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Chapter 7

Lack of sleep left her drained and ready to burst at the first sign of dissension. She hoped to have the entire day to herself. The idea of looking at or speaking to either man left a horrible taste in her mouth. She could not believe how wrong everything was right now. Why had it gone wrong? Was it fate's way of telling her to return to Richmond before she lost more of herself?

She opened the door and saw Scott leaned against his truck. She clenched her teeth and inhaled deeply. "I am in no mood to deal with him today."

"Good morning," he said, running towards the porch. He went to hug her, but the grimace kept him back. His hands went into his pockets as he stared at the porch floor.

"Why are you here?" she retorted, her arms crossed in front of her chest as if she were protecting her heart.

"I'm worried about some of the boards we hung," he said glancing at her but not making eye contact. "Mind if I check?" Something mysterious lay hidden in the deep recesses of his eyes, but she could not decipher the message.

She believed all was fine. Garrett returned Misty and if he had noticed a problem he would have mentioned it and fixed it. Something told Caitlin to let him check or else he would never leave. "Fine. Check it if you must."

Long, purposeful strides carried him to the barn. Within minutes, Mystique whinnied and banged against the stall door. Caitlin ran in and blocked the mare's view. "It's okay, girl. Please calm down for me." She rubbed the forelocks, but Mystique remained agitated.

"You better leave," she said peering over her shoulder.

"I didn't touch her."

"Please, Scott, go."

When the barn door swung shut, Caitlin sighed. Mystique whinnied again and then calmed down. "Whew," she said, leaning against her horse. "Girl, what am I going to do?" Scott's words and facial expressions remained on center stage. "He sounded like a young boy who had been scolded for something he didn't do. Before that he showed a hidden agenda. Girl, I think we're in trouble." Mystique snorted. "You don't need to worry, because I'm going to take care of you like always." It's me I'm worried about. One step outside and all life exited her body. Scott sat on the bottom porch step. "Will this day never end? Why is he hanging around here?"

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