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Chapter 10

"Caitlin, are you here?" Garrett yelled as he busted in the front door. He threw his arms around her and held her tighter than he ever had before. "Are you okay?" She shrugged. She stared out the kitchen window saying nothing. "Mystique?" he asked, cautiously.

"In the back pasture."

She felt his breath on the back of her neck, but nothing could comfort her now. "Caitlin," he said, rubbing her arms. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Sure," she said, her voice emotionless. No words would ever describe the intensity of disgust she had for the person who torched her barn and almost destroyed her horse. These were not emotions to put onto Garrett. He had nothing to do with it. The one person who could truly help, refuses to, she thought. Guess I really do have to fight this battle on my own. Where do I go? Where do I look? "What did the police say?"

"Nothing. They'll look into it."

"This is horrible, I admit, and I'm sorry." He saw the lifeless look in her face. "Hey, it's festival weekend. Let's go and enjoy ourselves." Garrett said softly while putting his arms around her.

Caitlin remained still as if she never heard him. With a nudge, she finally glanced his way. A look of stark fear stared back at him. "We'll find who did this." Again she said nothing as she shuffled into the dining room and then the living room. Her gaze darted back and forth between the rooms, taking in every corner, every wall, and all knick-knacks, as if photographing it.

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