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Chapter 5

Rumbling trucks crunched on the gravel drive, interrupting Caitlin's visions of the new Double C-Camp Chadwick. She wanted to rush outside to greet her visitors, but her body refused to cooperate. Each baby step caused her to wince, but she finally made it onto the front porch.

"Morning, Miss Chadwick," was uttered by the men as they sauntered by with toolboxes, fence posts, and rolls of wire. She stared in stunned silence, unable to comprehend their reason for being here.

"Good morning," Garrett said with a tip of his hat, joining her on the front porch. "Fine day to work outside, don't you agree?"

"Excuse me?"

"We're here to repair the fence and if we have time we'll continue your work on the barn.."

"But, Scott…"

"He's busy today," he interrupted. "Harry needed help at the store and with deliveries. MacKay did say he was looking for work." Garrett winked.

She watched him until he turned the corner. "Ooh, the nerve of him. He's running my life, deciding who I spend time with." Deep calm breaths brought sanity but she quickly realized the small void in her heart. "Was I actually excited to see Scott today?" She gave her idea consideration and quickly rescinded it. "We worked well together, but that doesn't mean anything. When he's here I know what he's doing. I may get him to open up about his real intentions for being here." She saw Garrett giving out directions and she smiled. Her mind went into overdrive as her lips turned upward even more. "No way. Garrett's jealous of Scott." The thought brightened her mood and gave her the jumpstart to get off the chair and find him.

As she surveyed the handiwork, she nodded in approval. Though these men were friends and neighbors, most looked away or down, and it bothered her. She was their equal, so why did they treat her with such high regard? "Granddaddy. Geez, this town will never let me grow up out of reverence to granddaddy. Where does that leave me?"

About a mile from the house, she spotted Garrett staring out into the open field, a somber expression etched on his face. Something was missing to make the picture complete. Caitlin gasped as she realized it was her grandfather. Garrett seemed lost without him. This is a project they would have worked on together. How well she knew and understood the desire to see and speak to him again, but now they had to rely on memories.

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