A Tutelarius Love (Chapter Five, page 1 of 18)

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Clara was right. Megan immediately recognized the blue mustang when it emerged from the brush that bordered the drive. She also recognized the driver. It was the man who had watched her from the station...the man on the airplane. She quieted a sudden rush of excitement with a reminder that he was probably being paid to visit.

She hacked at the brush with the weed whip. It would make a formidable weapon if he was anything other than what she suspected. Suspected? Only the tiniest shred of doubt remained in her mind, and that was probably born of wishful thinking, not logic.

He parked the car and strolled over to her, stretching out a browned hand in greeting. What clever disguise would this law student use?

His smile was warm. "My name is Justin Keaton. I wanted to welcome you to Arkansas."

He had the southern drawl down to an art and his deep warm voice added a realistic touch. Where could Dad have found him on such short notice? Hesitantly she accepted his hand.

"Thank you. Do you live around here?" Surely if he did, Clara would have known him.

"I have a room outside of town. I'm doing some work at a broiler farm down the road a piece."

She released his hand and he immediately withdrew it. There were no motels in town, so he must be staying with someone - and surely Clara would have known that, too. He was dressed in a spotless white pocket T-shirt and white sneakers - hardly clothes for a farm hand. And speaking of hands, his were smooth and free of calluses. He braved her scrutiny with a small twinkle in his eyes and a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. His air of cool confidence was more than likely the result of frequent business contacts - one of Denton's colleagues?

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