Diary of a Teen Prodigy: The College Life - Taming the Golden Boys: Volume 3 (Chapter 9, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 9

“Okay Nevada, I want the truth.” I cornered her upstairs in one of the converted reading room.
“What truth?” she tried to pretend like she didn’t know what I was talking about but I wouldn’t let her off the hook.
“You still like Zai and don’t deny it.” I was surprised she didn’t protest. She only sighed heavily and walked over to the nearby window overlooking the garden out back.
“I never said I didn’t. I just don’t trust him anymore.” She sadly admitted.
“So what do you plan to do about him? And don’t you dare say nothing…”
“But nothing is right. I just want to concentrate on school.” She tried to be flippant about it but I wouldn’t let her off the hook.
“I saw your reaction to him when he was hurt on the field the other night. You were crazy scared and you reached him first.” I reminded her.
She avoided making eye contact with me as she said: “What do you mean? I would be like that for any of my friends.”
“If you say so…” I said to her and I knew that she knew that I was being sarcastic and didn’t believe her entirely.
“To be honest with you, I think maybe we were moving too fast back then. I just turned 17 and you guys are like 19. I don’t think we were ready to be in that kind of a relationship. I mean Zai is used to a different kind of girl… and I’m not her.” She started rumbling through a stack of books as if she were really looking for something to read. I knew she was trying to avoid this conversation.
“That’s silly talk…” I said trying to console her.
“Who was he dating before we met?” she asked. I hated it when she went all Einstein on me making me having to review the facts and admit my mistake.
“Okay fine so he wasn’t exactly dating the Mother Teresa type but what 17 year-old guy is?” Ooh I loved it when I would fight smart with smart. I was proud of my snappy comeback. I smirked a little.
“But still, just because I like him and he likes me doesn’t mean we are meant to be together.”
“Hey guys, me and Hee-Jin are going back to the outlet mall in Oak Brook, wanna come?” Vanilla burst into our privacy inviting us out.
“Sure sounds like fun… I could use some more summer clothes.” Nevada said sliding past me and leading the way out. I’m sure she was glad to be rescued from my inquisition.
Going back home for a week was the break I needed to refresh and set my mind anew for returning to Maryland. I had actually applied and been accepted to and would be starting this fall at the university out there. I would be leaving Northwestern in order to be close to Penelope and take care of our daughter. I went back home to pack my things and take care of the final processing of all my transcripts and paperwork.
“This feels weird having one of the golden boys leaving like this.” Moui said as we sat on Zai’s yacht slowly cruising Lake Michigan. The girls had gone shopping and we were left alone to our own devices.
“Yea well somebody had to be first.” I joked as I tended the grill. It was only the captain steering the boat this time. We decided that we would cook for ourselves and have a real boy’s night out. We had a couple of steaks, some swordfish, lamb, salmon, veggie kabobs cooking on the grill and Zai was mixing our drinks while Jeda was making some kind of mixed salad. I was running patrol; getting supplies and washing dishes.
“It’s just like you to name her after yourself… Selfish bitch.” Zai joke with me and we all laughed. It felt good.
“Whatever dude… Like you’re not going to do the same.” I told him.
“True that… Can’t you just see little Zaimora Lloyd Robinson…” Jeda concocted and we all hit the deck in laughter on that one.
“That’s a good one.” Moui laughed out loud as he drank some of his beer. It felt good just hanging out talking about random stuff and doing nothing again. It felt like the carefree times of our high school days were back. How I longed for those times again. It made me wonder if one day maybe these times too would become some of the best times of my life.
“Are you scared man? I know if it were me I’ll be shitless right now.” Jeda asked breaking into my thoughts and bringing me back.
I gave a small crazy laugh. “Dude I was scared shitless and hopeless four months ago; three months ago I was deliriously hopeless; two months ago I was nervous; a month ago a little panicky; now I’m just taking it one-day-at-a-time.” I paused and no one said anything. We were just kind of taking everything in.
“That’s cuz Naiara hasn’t come home yet.” Moui interrupted. We laugh again.
“Yea I am a little shitless about that day.” I admitted.
“What about Penelope?” Zai asked suddenly shifting the seriousness of the conversation.
“The doctor wanted us to put her on do not resuscitate.” I had to pause to get my voice back under control. “Her parents had momentary given up. I think hadn’t I been there they would have agreed with the doctor.”
“Seriously man do you believe she’s going to ever?” Jeda asked me sincerely and I knew he was only asking out of concern for me. It broke my heart a little.
“I don’t have a choice but to believe. I can’t allow anything else to be true for me.”
“Okay bro… If you believe than we know it’s gonna happen.” Zai said supportively as they all gathered around me giving me a pat on the back and then a brotherly hug.
“Yup we believe she’s gonna come back and it’s gonna be better than it was before.” Moui added and I felt the tears at the back of my eyes as it became difficult to swallow over that big lump in my throat.
“Thanks guys… Thanks for being here for me.”
“Hey man… we’re the golden boys… We’re going to always be together if not physically always in spirit. No matter what or where you are; we’re always on your side.” Jeda added.
“Yea but for real Jeda… You’ve gotta kick Cody out.” Zai added to our amusement and we all shared a precious moment of just us four; it was just like old times again. This would be a memory forever etched into my mind.
“What the hell?” I asked surprised to see Hee-Jin storming into my room in the middle of the night. Vanilla was a hard sleeper. It could have been an earthquake in that room and she wouldn’t have stirred. Therefore she lay undisturbed by Hee-Jin’s early wee-morning tirade as she plopped down on the bed with us in the semi darkened room.
“It’s Ja-Hoon,” she cried as big fat tears plopped onto my bare shoulders as she jumped into my arms crying her heart out. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes as I tried to orientate myself as to what she was talking about.
“Ja-who? Oh you mean your boyfriend back home?” I asked as I was recalling her story. She nodded her head shakily as she began hiccupping as she cried in my arms. Slowly Vanilla started stirring.
“What’s going on?” She asked yawning as she sat up beside me wiping the sleep out of her eyes. She then groggily laid her head on my back and nipped me on the back a few times. “Mm,” she murmured against me.
“Ja-Hoon-- sent me- a breakup- letter. He says- it’s over- and not- to bother- coming- back if he’s the reason.” She managed to stammer out in one long shaky voice. I gently patted her on her back trying to console her as Vanilla arms encircled around my waist. It was strange for me because like every man has, I’ve had this fantasy about being in bed with two women. Suddenly I felt bad for my thoughts because here Hee-Jin was crying her eyes out and all I could think about was having a threesome. Damn I am such a pig.
“What happened?” I heard Vanilla asking in her half sleeping state.
“I’ll explain later, go back to sleep.”
“Okay,” she sleepily replied and then kissed my back again and pinched my nipple before laying back down.
“Can I sleep here next to you?” Hee-Jin asked and suddenly I was wide awake. Damn is this going to be the greatest morning of my life or the worse day ever? I looked over at Vanilla who lay prettily sleeping all wildly next to me. Could this happen, I asked myself growing excited from just the thought. I nudged her gently with my leg. “Hey,” I said.
“Hmm?” She mumbled in her sleep.
“Mind if Hee-Jin sleeps with us?” I must say my eyebrows rose curiously awaiting her reply; after all Vanilla was an uninhibited free-spirit who enjoyed experimenting sexually. My heart even began beating at a slightly elevated pace in anticipation.
“Depends…” She mumbled.
“Depends?” She was masterful when it came to piquing my interest. Right now I felt my already hardened manhood growing harder anticipating her answer. I nervously licked at my dry lips.
“Hmm, mm…” she mumbled again.
“Depends on what?” I asked because she certainly had me going.
“Depends on, if you mind if I invite Kyle over to join us.” Damn just like that she had killed my renewing hard-on.
“Hee-Jin, I think it would be best if you go back to your room.” I whispered against her neck.
“That's more like it…” Vanilla mumbled after slipping her hand between my thighs and massaging my swollen organ for a few seconds. Then she drifted off to sleep.
I bought a five-bedroom, three and a half bath condo in the Maryland area near my new college and not far from the long-term care facility that Penelope had been transferred to. Her parents were temporarily moving in with me, helping me to raise Naiara. The guys were right I was scared shitless, but what could I do? It was what it was; and all I could do was the best that I could.
I was going back to John Hopkins to pick up Naiara at the end of the week. She would be five months old and now weighed a healthy 12 pounds and could be discharged. Tonight I would be starting my six-week crash course in parenting 101. It was geared towards single fathers and first time dads. Mr. Tate was coming the first night to offer me moral support. The class would focus on all the basics such as diapering, feeding, burping, communicating and interacting with the baby. There was even a daddy group affiliated with it that I would join later.
“You’re back…” I heard Mrs. Tate’s voice as she and her husband entered the condo bringing in groceries.
“Yea I just got here… Love how you decorated the place.” While I was away for the week they had already moved in and gotten things settled such as furnishing and hiring a part-time nanny for when I was away at school or we were all visiting Penelope.
“Thanks… We used some of Penelope’s favorite colors and things from back home.” Mr. Tate volunteered as he set the groceries on the marbleized island in the kitchen. I truly didn’t care about stuff like that so whatever they had chosen was fine with me. However I must say the place had a very tranquil and bright feel to it. It felt very homey. It suddenly occurred to me that with her parents here and soon Naiara, I was starting to feel like I had a family again. It felt nice; belonging to a family.
“We brought some old photograph books of when Penelope was little.” Mrs. Tate told me as she started putting away the groceries.
“Yea, maybe we’ll sit around tomorrow night and watch some of the old videos too.” Her father interjected as he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down.
“That’ll be nice. I want to learn as much as I can about her. I can tell Naiara everything.”
“She’s definitely a fighter… and so beautiful. She reminds me of Penelope so much. I can’t wait to get her home.” Connie added. “Oops that reminds me…” she said suddenly jetting off to the living room and returning shortly. She brought a large white paper shopping bag with her that had the ‘Hello Kitty’ logo on it.
“I couldn’t resist.”
“Oh lawdy… here it comes…” George joked as his eyes rolled upward as his wife pulled out some of the cutest, pinkest, girliest, adorable baby clothes ever. Even I found myself saying, “Aah…”
“Aren’t they just the cutest things ever?” She asked as she delicately held each piece up against herself showing off the outfit. “Naiara is going to be absolutely stunning and breath-taking in these” she gushed.
“I had to hide her credit cards…” George whispered to me as Connie continued ranting on and on about how cute Naiara was going to look all dressed up. She then began folding and putting the things back into the bag.
“Looking forward to the baby classes tonight?” She asked.
“Definitely…” I said with a great deal of honesty. “I still get nervous just picking her up.”
“Yea she was a little bitty little thing when she arrived here.” George said reminiscently.
“Yea can’t believe how much she’s grown… I’m really worried about bringing her home and taking care of her by myself.” I told them.
“Don’t be, you’re not alone. You have us and it’ll be fine. What you don’t know we can help or figure out together. We’re family now and nothing’s going to change that.” God her mom really made me want to cry. I had to get out of there.
“Excuse me I’ve got to go to the bathroom.” I left before the tears could fall from my eyes. God I had missed this. God I prayed to Him to not let this end just yet. I had just started growing up; it couldn’t end this way- not with Penelope still like that.
So I was still milking my head injury for what it was worth staying over at Jeda’s place keeping an eye on Cody and any developments with Nevada. She still had two weeks left before she was heading back to Cambridge for her summer school sessions and I had every intention of coming between her and . The doorbell rang.
“Got it,” Jeda hollered out as he opened the door. The entire gang entered minus Luis who had left yesterday heading back to Maryland.
“Hey babe,” Jeda said capturing Rain’s lips and I swear I was green with envy. Before I could say hi, jackass cut in front of me taking the large shopping bag that she was carrying.
“Let me help you.” He said as he touched her on the shoulder.
“Thanks” she smiled at him and I kicked at the sofa causing it to bump against a table knocking over a lamp- CRASH. Everyone looked around at me at the sudden noise in the back.
“Hey Zai” Rain said as she looked at me with wry amusement in her eyes. “Grammy made lasagna and garlic bread for us.” She added.
“How’s your head?” Nevada asked walking over to me as I cleaned up the mess I had made.
“Oh, I don’t know… I still get headaches here and there; a few dizzy spells too…” I totally lied but if it got me attention I didn’t care. She stood and then came and sat on the table nearby placing a caring hand to my forehead.
“Should you go see your doctor?” She asked with great concern. I then really laid on the pitiful antics all the while I could see Cody seething in the background glowering at me.
“I did and he says it’s going to take time to heal. CT scan was normal again.”
“C’mon guys let’s eat before the food gets cold.” Jeda said as he and Rain had finished taking out the food and were now setting the table.
Once the table was set and Nevada had taken her seat, Cody and I stormed the room racing to get the chair beside her. Reaching the chair at the same time we both laid a hand on it, claiming a side each. We stood unrelenting glaring at each other; neither of us backing down.
“Seriously, is this how it’s going to be around here?” I heard Rain asking sounding a little disgusted by our actions.
“Are you two going to be juvenile like this forever?” She continued.
“Nope,” I said. “Just ‘til Cody leaves;” I interjected abruptly snatching the chair away from him and sitting down. “Hey Cody, there’s a chair over there.” I said with a smirk pointing to the opposite end of the table. God finally
After dinner we kind of broke off into groups. Everybody: Nevada, Moui, Vanilla, Chocolate, Hee-Jin, and Cody were either playing cards or foosball in the game room and Jeda and I were in his room hanging out. It had been a long time since we had spent time alone together as a couple.
I was lying in his arms and we were kissing madly, giggling, laughing, talking and being silly. I think we were making up for lost time both past and future.
“Miss me?” He asked while nudging my chin with his lips.
“Of course—not…” I mocked.
“Liar,” he said kissing my nose and rolling me over onto my back then crushing me with his weight. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pushed one of his legs in between mines.
“So if you knew then why’d you ask?”
“Cuz, I like hearing you say it.” He said giving me a goofy smile as he played in my hair and looked at me with his piercing dark eyes. Suddenly my cell phone started ringing.
“Don’t answer,” he whispered as he was nudging his nose into my neck and kissing me softly. I was tempted not too… I looked at the Caller-ID.
“It’s Grammy,” I sat up slightly pushing him to the side and kind of sort of straightening up my hair and clothes. I knew she couldn’t see but still I felt like I should.
“Yea,” I said into the phone. “ ” With budging eyes I gasped as my hand covered my mouth. Instantly tears were rolling down my cheeks as I abruptly jumped out of bed saying, “Okay we’re on our way.” I was instantly racing through the bedroom's door. Jeda was right on my heels asking:
“What? What happened what’s going on?” I couldn’t think to talk straight now. I was a complete hysterical mess. I put on one of my shoes and grabbed someone else shoe in my haste as I was hobbling out of the door trying to get to the car.
“What happened?” Nevada asked as she ran after us.
“I don’t know. She got a call from Grammy.” Jeda explained as they all began pursuing after me. We all were racing out the door and down the two flights of stairs to the parking lot. Finally catching up to me as I fumbled with the keys trying to get the door opened, Jeda pulled me into his strong chest holding me tightly.
“Stop! Tell me what’s going on?” He demanded. My face was a mess and I literally broke down in his arms. All of my friends and family were surrounding me.
“Rain what’s wrong did something happen to Grammy or Gramps?” I heard my cousins asking in the background. I sobbed and sobbed and then finally I said:
“Gramps just suffered a major heart attack… He’s dead.” And then I crumbled.

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