Diary of a Teen Prodigy: The College Life - Taming the Golden Boys: Volume 3 (Chapter 8, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 8

It felt like old times and a new beginning all at the same time. We were back at the bookstore enjoying the gazebo and Grammies famous cookies. All of us were home if only for a few weeks; even Luis had come home for a few days and had made time for us. We all were so happy to see him; and I’m sure he needed a break to refresh and regroup himself for harder days ahead. Then there were the new friends and enemies joining our group: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cody, and Hee-Jin.
“How do you like America so far?” Nevada asked Hee-Jin as we sat around chilling and talking about nothing.
“It’s good. Love the diversity.”
“Yea Chicago is nice like this. Gonna be in town for lollapalooza? It’s a must attend.” Chocolate cut into our conversation. We kind of looked at him a little weird as we watched him watching Hee-Jin. Chocolate never said much. He was the type who just faded to the background. If you didn’t know that he was a performer you would never guess. As a performer, it was hard to believe that he was a quiet and somewhat shy guy because on stage he exploded into a ball of musical energy.
“What’s that?” Cody asked as he walked over and sat behind Nevada capturing her between his legs and playing in her hair. It was hard for us to ignore Zai’s very animated reaction to it.
“It’s a larger than life musical road show of all kinds of music.” Jeda jumped in attempting to squash the sudden rise of male testosterone level in the atmosphere as Zai boldly got up and pulled Nevada from out between Cody’s legs and sat her down in a shaded spot of the gazebo.
“Too much sunshine will burn.” He said, glowering at Cody. It was literally all I could do to keep from . I think Nevada was too shock to do anything and allowed herself to be led away.
“This year it’s gonna be Eminem, Foo Fighters, ColdPlay, Muse and more… Gonna be straight up wicked.” Moui added trying to distract us from Zai’s strong display of .
“Sweet… when is it?” Cody asked as if the incidence hadn’t happened. I gave a questioning look to Nevada and her eyes darted quickly away from mines.
“Starts August 5th…” Zai answered with a deceivingly sweet smile playing about his lips.
“Hmm, maybe I’ll just have to extend my stay… Do you mind Jeda?” Oh God, I thought as I looked at Zai. He looked like he would pig’s any second now. His face flushed, eyes narrowed as his lips all but disappeared into a thin line. Cody let a small cocky grin escape him as if he were saying ‘checkmate.’
Abruptly Zai stood and motioned in his direction, but Jeda, Moui and Luis were up restraining him all the while he had murder in his eyes. Cody stood his ground just smiling innocently.
“Hey, feel like a game of football… full—body-contact; you in Cody?” Zai asked with a little amusement in his voice.
“Wouldn’t have it any other way… let’s play.” He said with more than a little confidence of his own and that’s when I became a little worried.
Oh God this is just what I needed- two guys behaving like jerks and me being at the center of a cock fight. I couldn’t believe we had actually driven up to the park to play football in the middle of the night; but here we were just past 10 p.m. and the guys had already grouped into two teams and were playing as us girls sat on top of the cars watching.
“This is asinine…” Rain said.
“I don’t know, I think it’s kind of hot and sexy. Two deliciously gorgeous guys fighting over you. I for one am jealous.” Vanilla interjected. Hee-Jin laughed as we all just kind of sat back in the chilled air wondering how this would play out.
“Tell the truth Nevada?” I heard Vanilla pushing.
“What?” I said a little annoyed because I knew exactly what she was about to ask.
“You’re cheering for Zai’s team right?” Everybody looked at me waiting for my response.
“NO!” I said a little too forcefully. “I mean it’s not like that… I just think this whole thing is so stupid.”
“So you’re rooting for Cody’s team?” Hee-Jin asked. “You guys are just as bad as them.” I stood up and walked away not even bothering answering the question.
“You guys are being really immature.” I yelled at the guys as they were on the field slamming and pounding each other into the ground.
“I think Cody could play professional… Look at him.” Vanilla observed and she was right. Cody was simply amazing. Zai’s team scored the first touchdown, but after that it was Cody all the way as he ran, blocked and passed like Jay Cutler dashing down the field. I think everyone was surprised. He looked up at me and smiled after having sacked Chocolate and cutting off a pass to Moui by intercepting the ball.
“M-V-P '08… Go Filmore… ” He yelled to me and all of our jaws just suddenly dropped. No wonder he was so good.
I seriously hated this; my ex-boyfriend behaving so childish about a guy who was still only a friend to me. And Cody wasn’t helping; he knew I wasn’t ready for a relationship so why did he insist on making Zai feel threatened by us? Wait there was no us? So why are they out in the middle of the night trying to rip each other apart?
They started a new play. Zai’s team had the ball. It was dark and we really couldn’t see where the ball was, who was running or what was really going on. All we could see was: huddle- break- run- pass- block- or score. Like I said, this was stupid, stupid, stupid; until I saw Zai flying into the air as if he had suddenly developed wings only he was wingless. My heart stopped, pausing in midair with him and suddenly started again when I saw him crashing to the ground.
“OH God!” I heard my own heartbeat pounding inside my ears and my breathing- quick and shallow. I didn’t even know that my feet were moving as I sprinted across the damp muddy field to him. Oh my God, it didn’t look good.
“Zai! Zai! Zai! Can you hear me? Talk to me?” I cried out in fear being the first one to reach him. He was lying on the ground bleeding and unconscious.
The game came to a complete end as we rushed Zai into the car and took him to the hospital. He was breathing but still unconscious and this was like the second time that I had ever been so scared in my life. I couldn’t help thinking about my cousin Penelope and if something happened to Zai… Oh God I just didn’t want to even think about it.
My team was Moui and Chocolate; I would have chosen Jeda but as far as I was concerned he was now fraternizing with the enemy- Cody or as I liked to call him ‘Code Blue’. I had started thinking of him as a threat to my future relationship with Nevada; thus he was deserving of the nickname Code Blue. He was a very real threat to me. So he was dirt to me. Therefore I picked Chocolate instead. I was determined to wipe the field with that cocky bastard Cody; bring him down a peg or two.
“Okay first down… Moui break with the ball and then fake pass to me. Chocolate run down field cut right; Moui toss the ball to him when he’s clear.” I instructed as we huddled and planned our strategy.
“Cool.” They agreed.
“Kick-ass…” I said and then the game was on.
We broke and Moui immediately faked a pass to me and abruptly took off running. Chocolate was agile and quick running down the field at a dizzying pace. I saw the opposition coming towards us and I swear I was conflicted. I wanted to go after Code Blue but just thinking about Jeda letting that stay at his place was still pissing me off. So I decided I wanted to take out my so-called friend first, right. They say before you can begin a war, you have to weed out your own camp. Jeda had to go. Eyeing Jeda coming towards us like greased lightning, I immediately ran cutting him off by slamming into him like a car hitting a brick wall; BANG - he caved immediately and I was damn elated.
“Oh it’s like that now?” He asked at my rough handling of him. I got up wiping the dirt and mud off of me with a wry grin playing upon my lip.
“Did you figure it would be any other way?” I asked him sarcastically.
“Touch down!” I heard Chocolate shouting as he had crossed the goal line.
We went on like that for about an hour or so; and we where muddy, cold and annoyed. We all were giving as much as we got. It didn’t matter if Code Blue had the ball or not; he was my next target. I was determined to at least break one of his ribs.
They huddled and then broke. I don’t know who had the ball and didn’t care. I just saw Cody running and he was my target. Immediately I went after him chasing him down like a pitbull after a three-year old.
“Zai where you going man?” I heard Moui asking. “Follow the ball… follow the ball man.” He said annoyed by my wayward actions as I horned in on Code Blue getting ready to sack him. All I could think was fuck-ball; Code Blue is mines. He must have sensed me closing in on him because two seconds before I was about to pounce, he abruptly stopped, turned, planted himself firmly in the ground and when I jumped he jumped forward slamming his head into my gut knocking the air out of me and my body went flying some six feet into the air in the process.
“Oh fuck…” I thought as I saw lights- white ones-red ones-green ones and blue; whirling about my head and then it all went black as I felt myself crashing to the ground hitting my head on something solid. I was out cold.
“I’m sure that didn’t play out like you planned it, right dude?” I couldn’t resist teasing Zai while we sat waiting in the room for the results of his CT scan. Shortly after we had gotten him into the car and was driving to the hospital he came to. But we were still scared out of our wits so we just came to make sure everything was okay.
“Screw you dude…” He said making me laugh even harder.
“C’mon dude… Who knew that Code Blue was an MVP player in high school?” I couldn’t stop teasing; this was too funny. It reminded me of our high school days when he had first met Nevada. Every time he would try to show off in front of her, he always ended up on his ass looking like King Duffuss. This was another one of those less than shiny moments of his.
“You just had to play host to my girlfriend’s…”
“Excuse me don’t you mean ex?” I asked him.
“Who says we’re over? We’re just going through a phase.” He said.
“Really? I didn’t know that being delusional was a phase.” I said shaking my head as I laughed to myself.
“Look your whole plan about home court vantage; let me be the first one to tell you… it sucks. Why don’t you just kick the dude out?”
“Dude you’re really cracking me the fuck up… Are you seriously bothered that much by that guy?” I couldn’t believe Zai Robinson was this insecure.
“If it was Rain do you think you would be handling this any better?” He cornered me.
“Good point; but I can’t kick the dude out man.” I told him honestly.
“Why the fuck not? You’re supposed to be my best friend. I say we toss that prick out on his ass. He’s rubbing me in all the wrong places and all the wrong ways.” I couldn’t help but laugh again. I had never known or seen Zai this intense.
“First, have you ever thought about if I kicked him out where will he go?” I paused to allow his brain cells to kick in. “Suppose Nevada have Rain to put him up in one of those extra bedrooms in that converted attic of theirs? Do you prefer him here with me or there with her?” I didn’t want to laugh but with the look on Zai’s face I couldn’t hold back. I slightly chuckled when he turned white as a ghost and then beak red from anger.
“Ahem…” I cleared my throat and continued. “Secondly, have you ever thought about if Nevada really liked him that much, wouldn’t they already be a couple by now?” I said giving him something else to think about as the doctor entered the small cubicle closing the door behind him.
“You have a small concussion. You can take Tylenol if you have a headache, but no aspirin or Ibuprofen. Eat light and no physical activities for a few days. If you feel dizzy, lightheaded or start vomiting see your doctor.” He signed the discharge papers and told Zai he was free to go.
“Sorry guess I don’t know my own strength.” Code Blue said with all the sincerity of the devil himself. I cringed for Zai; the dude was seriously gloating about the incident. When it came to being cool and suave; Cody made Zai look like dog poop.
“You okay?” Nevada interrupted approaching and touching Zai gently on his arm. It was plain to tell that she had been crying. Her eyes were slightly swollen and a little red.
“Hey it takes more than a little bump on the head to keep me down.” Zai cooed with the pride of a love-struck 15-year old high schooler. He used this opportunity to lean against Nevada and she placed her arm around his back, snuggling up to him. It was the first time I saw Cody’s eyes narrow with fire. He actually physically flinched at them. I imagined he was gritting his teeth the way his lower jaw was working. Finally the dude was slipping.
“Should we go out for breakfast?” Rain suggested.
“Wow we haven’t done that since Florida… That would be cool,” everyone chimed in.
“Sorry, I’ve got to be at work in the morning… Think I’m going to past.” Cody said.
“Ah wow that’s too bad… Hey Nevada come ride with me.” Zai said more than eager to be rid of Cody.
“I don’t know Zai, shouldn’t you go home and rest? Didn’t the doctor tell you to take it easy?” Nevada was clearly worried about him and that’s when Zai decided to really put on a show.
“Well I do feel a little dizzy… Maybe I should go home…” He said sounding suddenly weak and looking frail. He put a hand to his forehead feigning a slight headache. Oh God I forgot the dude could be a total ham.
“Should you be alone? Is there anyone to help take care of you?” Nevada questioned and that Cody boy was really quick as a whip. Before Zai could even answer he hopped in the middle of the conversation and cut him off.
“Nevada’s right. Hey Jeda, isn’t there enough room at your place for one more?”
Damn if looks could kill I’m sure Cody had died at least a week ago if Zai had anything to do with it.
“Sure, Zai knows he’s always welcomed at my place.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around one of my favorite golden boys.
“Get off of me man…” Zai pushed me away giving me death stares all the way to the car. It was good to be friends again I thought as we all got in our cars and headed home.

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