Diary of a Teen Prodigy: The College Life - Taming the Golden Boys: Volume 3 (Chapter 2, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 2

University of New York was a long ways from home. The first quarter flew by without me even noticing. The second quarter Jeda and I talked almost daily. I was surprised that we did. I truly expected him to kind of flake me off with studying, doing college stuff and girls. Maybe I was wrong for thinking it, but it was true I had been secretly preparing myself for the worse; a Dear John/ Joann letter. I had been preparing myself for the big breakup.
I was in the library on the third floor working with my math study group when my phone vibrated. I didn’t recognize the number. I hesitated, wondering if it was a telemarketer; ugh I hate those calls. I went against my better judgment and decided to take it.
“Excuse me,” I said to my study group as I walked to the nearest stairwell.
“Hello?” The party on the other end didn’t immediate speak. I waited for a few seconds and then I heard,
“Nevada?” Instantly my eyes were filled with tears. Thank God I had decided to answer this call.
“Nevada Tate how dare you shut me out like that! How dare you? Are you alright? Where are you? I swear you are so when I see you.” I managed to hiccup out in one breath. I asked more questions than I gave her time to answer. I was mad as hell and happy to hear from her all at once.
“I’m sorry Rain,” I heard her choking out in an emotionally filled voice. “I’m so sorry for shutting you out.” She sniffled a few times and I knew she was crying also.
“I was just so in shock, so lost, so hurt. I couldn’t think straight and I didn’t know anything could hurt that badly. I had to get away, do you understand?” She whined out through her tears.
“Guess so.” Then I paused. “Don’t worry I beat Zai up real good for you. I gave him a couple of black eyes and a fat lip.” I told her and I could hear her laughing through her tears. That’s when it felt like old times. That’s when I felt we were going to be okay.
“Oh God I miss you Rain.”
“I miss you too. How’s school?”
“Oh God it’s everything and more. I love it here. But I miss you and everybody so much.” She volunteered.
“We miss you too. Zai has Jeda calling me everyday asking if I’ve heard from you.” Mentioning his name I noticed she paused before changing the subject.
“I wanted to call sooner; it’s just that I didn’t know what to say or how to be with you.”
“That’s silly. A bff only has to be herself Nana. You know that.”
“And I’ve been busy trying to keep my head above water. MIT is definitely a challenge for me. I actually feel kind of normal here; you know.” She rambled on aimlessly talking without taking a breather. Abruptly she said:
“I’m sorry Rain. I didn’t mean to make you worry.”
“I know, but just don’t do it again, K?”
“I won’t. Hey how are things at NYU?”
“It’s different, but in a good way. I’m loving it. Hey should we get together for winter break?”
“That sounds like fun. I would love to spend some time in New York.”
“Yea me too. I’ve been so busy this first semester I haven’t even left the campus.”
“Should I invite Penelope?” I heard her asking.
“That would be great. Maybe we could go see a play. We could make it girls out on the town New York City Style. I’ll see if I can get some cheap tickets.” I told her.
“Great I’ll call Penelope.”
It was great hearing from Nevada. I wondered if I could catch him before he left? I looked at the clock on the wall; too late he was already half way here.
“Why jumping jellybeans! You’ve got a baby bump.” I exclaimed after seeing Penelope for the first time since our visit late summer. Rain was just as excited as I was to see both of us. Penelope was now six months pregnant and she was glowing. We hugged like we hadn’t seen each other in years and the tears were overflowing.
“My roommates went home for winter break, so we can all stay in my dorm room.”
“Wow this is going to be like back home; the sleepovers.” I was giddy with excitement. It had been really hard on me not to talk to Rain for the last four months.
“Ow!” I felt hands around my neck attacking me; choking the life out of me. My eyes suddenly budged out of my head as I gagged and gasped for air. I was getting light-headed and feeling dizzy.
“What? Help? I can’t breathe?” I gasped out as I struggled for air. I tried prying small but strong hands from around my neck as tears stung my eyes. I never knew that Rain had so much strength packed in such a petite little body.
“If you ever not talk to me again and run away; I swear I will choke you to death. Capisce?” She threatened me through gritted teeth.
Tears slipped from my eyes; but they were not of pain but rather happy tears of belonging and having good friends and family who cared about me. Suddenly even though we were all in the same room, I started missing them all over again.
“I’m sorry,” I managed to murmur out through my sobs and muffled voice as we all shared another long group hug.
“Eh, what was that?” Rain and I jumped at a sudden thump to our lower abdomens.
“Oops, baby likes to kick a lot.” Penelope proudly said as she gently stroked her slightly protruding belly.
“May I?” Rain asked. But before Penelope could answer her we were both on our knees and gently caressing her enlarged tummy with our own gentle touches. It was a magical feel. Instantly at the first touch we couldn’t help but beam at the feel of a tiny life growing inside of her. It was a surreal moment; I mean like there’s nobody but suddenly there is somebody.
“Have you picked out a name?” Rain asked as we made ourselves comfortable and kicked back on each of our bunks. Fresh fruit, juice, cheese and chips abounded around us.
“A couple; wanna hear?”
Rain and I exchanged looks.
“Are you kidding us? ” I said as I eagerly sat up.
“Hmm, there’s Naiara it’s Spanish referring to the Virgin Mary. People with this name are said to be creative, practical; though they do have a tendency to neglect their relationships.”
“Wow that really sounds like you and Luis in a nutshell.” Rain said taking the words right out of my mouth.
“Hey I was just fixing to say that,” I pouted. They giggled at my childish display of throwing a tantrum before Penelope continued.
“Then there’s Adara it means beautiful and Raissa the thinker.”
“Do we get a say as Godmothers?” I asked attempting to redeem my stolen thunder.
“Godmothers? You mean you two?” Penelope asked in awe.
“Well did you really plan for us not to?” Rain asked slightly tapping her foot on the hardwood floor.
“Gosh no! I’ll be honored if you would.” Penelope said with tears in her eyes as she sobbed out her joy. Before long we were engrossed in another emotional group hug.
“Am I interrupting?” A male voice said as the door to Rain’s room suddenly opened.
“Ah,” I gasped as I was confronted with my past.
“Wow Penelope, you really are pregnant eh?” Jeda said standing in the door frame astonished to see a very pregnant Penelope.
“Where the hell did Jeda run off to for a week?” Moui asked as we played a friendly wager of pool.
“Are you kidding me? Do you really have to ask? I’m surprised he lasted the whole semester.” Luis added as he made a cross corner shot and banked his ball.
“You mean New York City, without us?” I was shocked that he would leave without saying a word to us or even inviting us.
Moui and Luis looked at me as if I had sprouted a cow’s tail on my forehead.
“Dude if it were you, would you invite your boys on a trip to see your girlfriend that you haven’t been with for five long, long lonely months?” They exchanged looks.
“Guess it’s been a while since he got some.” They joked between themselves at my expense.
“Ha-ha, how do you like me now?” I scorned as I banked an unexpected combination shot.
“I’m sorry, Jeda was already on the plane when you called.” I belatedly offered.
“Long time no see.” Jeda said as his eyes darted back and fro from Nevada then back to Penelope. He dropped his blue duffle bag and stood for a moment taking in the sight.
“Hmm, the 3-Musketeers together again.” He joked as he casually walked up to them and gave each one a hug starting with Nevada.
“Damn, Zai and Luis are going to give me hell for this.” He commented.
“It was sudden.” I jumped in trying to explain to everyone that I didn’t plan this. What else could I do when my best friend who I hadn’t heard from in months suddenly called? All I could do was ask if she could come to NY for a visit.
“Penelope, wow” was all he said as he scrutinized her a little closer. “Luis, all man…” He said as he raked his fingers through his light shag and shook his head slowly from side-to-side. We looked at Penelope and it was obvious to everyone that it was painful for her to hear his name as tears gleamed in her eyes.
He gently touched her on her long tresses before asking, “May I?” He eyed her tummy cautiously. She nodded and an innocent teardrop escaped from her eye just before she closed them at his touch. I think having Jeda touch her tummy was as close to sharing this special moment with Luis as she could have ever hoped for.
“Oh my God this is awesome. I’ve never before felt anything this incredible.” Suddenly his hand twitched and then slightly shook as her baby kicked in response to his touch.
“OY!” He abruptly jumped at the unexpected kick. We giggled at his overreaction as he was halfway out of the door scared with fright.
“Is it supposed to do that? It moves!” He asked with wide-doe eyes and his heart in his mouth as he clutched at his chest.
“I think Luis has a soccer player.” Nevada teased.
“It’s a boy?” Jeda asked in anticipated glee.
“Hey we can play soccer too.” I exclaimed at his insinuation.
“Penelope, I know why you’re doing this. I’ll be the first to admit that Luis was a jerk and real prick when it came to the way he treated you; but… but… how can you keep him in the dark about this?” Jeda asked once he had settled back into the room.
Penelope looked away with tears in her eyes.
“Hey I’m sorry.” He consoled as he got up and wrapped his arms around her. “I didn’t mean anything by it. But Luis is one of my best friends. I mean we’ve been friends since forever. I apologize for him; I’m sorry.” He took a deep breath and allowed it to slowly release from his lungs before continuing.
“Forgive him Penelope; he has had some real family issues with his mom and he’s afraid you know. He’s afraid of being hurt again and being abandoned. He’s afraid of loving again.” Jeda explained and I swear all of us girls were in tears as we listened to Luis’ best friend pleading his case for him. It broke our hearts. This was the second time that I had been so proud of my Jeda as a man- my man.
The first time was when he withstood my Gramps inquisition about the nature of our relationship and now here he was standing in and apologizing for his best friend’s shortcomings as a man. I beamed at him. Suddenly he looked so sexy and I swear I wanted to jump his bones right then and there. Rats, I really wanted to sex my man up. For just a hot second I scowled a little at my friends; they were really cramping my style right now.
“I know Jeda. Luis explained to me from day one how it would be between us and I’ve never expected any more or less from him.”
“But he’s changed Penelope. He’s not the same person. Give him a chance to prove himself. Give him a chance to be a decent person, a man and a father. Give him a chance to have the family that he’s always wanted but never had.”
I’ve read and heard a lot about Central Park; but experiencing it is totally exhilarating and bar none comparison to what is written and said about it. Central Park is alive and vibing with its own sense of style and direction 24-7. As a matter of fact New York City is the city that never sleeps; shopping dining; strolling in the park any time day or night- New York is awake and strumming. It wouldn’t be fair to compare it to Chicago’s Millennium Park; considering Central Park is the first and original urban park and Millennium Park could be perceived as a knockoff.
The park was designed by infamous architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Though the landscape has a natural look and appeal, I was astonished to learn that the park natural-looking lakes and ponds had been created artificially, along with the extensive walking tracks, bridle paths, two ice-skating rinks (one of which is a swimming pool during July and August), the Central Park Zoo, the Central Park Conservatory Garden, a wildlife sanctuary, a large area of natural woods, a 106-acre (43 ha) billion-gallon reservoir with an encircling running track, and an outdoor amphitheater, called the Delacorte Theater, which hosts the "Shakespeare in the Park" summer festivals. The indoor attractions included the Belvedere Castle with its nature center, the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre, and the historic Carousel. In addition there were numerous major and minor grassy areas, some of which are used for informal or team sports, some are set aside as quiet areas, and there are a number of enclosed playgrounds for children. The 6 miles (10 km) of drives within the park are used by joggers, bicyclists, skateboarders, and inline skaters . Like I said, what is written and said about the park just pales in comparison with the real thing; you have to see it for yourself.
For seven long and short days we had a heavenly time in New York. The only thing that could have made it even better was if all of the golden boys had been there (yup I admit it). We saw two Broadway plays: Cats and Mama Mia; iced skating in Central Park; had pizza at Lombardi’s; the Empire State Building was a no brainer, along with the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero.
“Whew am I ever stuffed. I didn’t think anything could come close to Uno’s pizza.” I said as I unbuttoned the top button of my jeans after finishing my second slice of double-stuff sausage and mushroom pizza.
“Weaklings...” Jeda scoffed at as he continued woofing down his fourth slice followed by a long guzzle of iced cola. He then released a very long and gross burp.
“Ew, gross” Rain feigned embarrassment as we laughed at him and played along with her.
“ ” he laughed as he continued chomping on his slice. “So what you plan on doing about Zai? He’s driving me insane asking about you?” Jeda finally cornered me. I was too stuff to move and I couldn’t fake like I had to go to the bathroom. Besides that, we were sitting in one of those semi-rounded booth and somehow I had ended up smack-dab in the middle.
“You planned this, didn’t you?” I shot Rain an accusatory glance.
“I swear, scouts honor I had nothing to do with it.” She said but I noticed she couldn’t quite meet my gaze.
“Oh, who am I kidding,” she finally ‘fessed. “Jeda made me do it.” She said as she playfully punched him in the gut.
“Ow, wanna see what this pizza look like in reverse?” He warned as he gagged a little from her blow.
“Oops sorry, sorry…” She consoled as she gently rubbed and patted him on the back to help with digestion.
“So are you going to keep on running away or settle things?” He confronted me and I could not escape.

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