Diary of a Teen Prodigy: The College Life - Taming the Golden Boys: Volume 3 (Chapter 7, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 7

I was excited and nervous to be flying back to Chicago to stay a couple of weeks with Rain before starting summer session. I had missed my entire second semester and had registered for the summer to make up for it. Summer school started in just three weeks and I decided to take a break and relax with my friends before getting back into the groove of school and stuff.
I wasn’t sure if it felt like I was going home or on a new adventure somewhere. I was nervous about seeing Zai for the first time since our official breakup. I knew that it was more than likely we would not only run into each other from time-to-time but also be in the same circles since we shared common friends. I had turned 17, yet I felt like a thirteen year old preparing for high school. I wasn’t sure how to be or how to act. I must have shown worry signs on my face, I suddenly felt Cody gently squeezing my hand that he was holding. I looked at him and he offered me a sweet supportive smile as he said,
“Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.” He then leaned down and kissed me on the top of my forehead. I melted inside at his gentleness and supportiveness. We weren’t exactly an ‘official’ couple but we were casually dating. Cody by chance had accepted an internship as a software architect design intern at a GPS navigational company based in Chicago. He would be working forty hours work weeks and maybe we would be able to spend some time together on weekends while I was in Chicago. I really liked him but I wasn’t ready to get involve in another serious relationship so soon after my breakup with Zai. It was good having a good friend around and that’s what Cody was proving to be.
“Nana,” I heard Rain exclaiming as she ran up to greet me coming out from the gate. We embraced jumping up and down in circles excitedly as we hugged and hugged.
“What no love for me?” I heard Jeda in the background. I looked up and ran into his arms; it was nice seeing another familiar face.
“Ahem…” I heard Cody clearing his throat loudly in the background reminding me of his presence. I quickly disengaged from Jeda and just as I was looking up to formally introduce them; that’s when another familiar face caught my attention leaning against a support beam in the background. Zai must have seen me see him for the first time. He gave a slight grin and then saluted me as he sauntered over towards us. I felt my heart skip a beat and my hands actually became ice cold. With every step that he took my heart pounded just a little bit harder.
“This is my friend Cody Bradford…” I heard her making introductions and I couldn’t help glaring at the prick. He must have felt me glaring because all he did was smile that much more. I wanted to punch his fucking lights out for that annoying grin that was stuck on his face.
“Nice meeting you. I’ve heard a lot about you.” Rain said politely and I wanted to push her down too. How could she be nice to him; traitor I thought as she shook his hand.
“Please to meet you,” Jeda said and that pissed me off even more. How could he greet this so cordially? His politeness was even more annoying than Rain’s; he was supposed to be my best friend; jerk-off. But before I could even register this asshole coming to town with my girlfriend, I heard talking crazy shit. This had to be a mistake. There was no way this could be happening.
“Thanks for putting me up for the next eight weeks… much appreciate it.” That dick said to Jeda and I swear I glowered at Jeda and if looks could kill, Jeda was already dead five times over. What the fuck was this? Jeda was his host?
“No problem man… Glad I could help out a friend.” I heard Jeda responding and I was beyond ballistic. Are you kidding me? He was putting this joker up at his place for the next eight weeks? Are you fucking- fucking kidding me? I literally began to blow steam out of my fucking butthole.
This jack-off who was trying to steal my girl was going to be staying at the house of one of my best friends; oh hell no! Okay who called Ashton Kutcher and told him it was okay to Punk’d me? I thought we were best friends. My enemies were supposed to be his enemies. It was an unwritten code of friendship; apparently that he was oblivion to. Fine, I would deal with Jeda later. We had much to talk about after I finished beating the living crap out of him.
“Nice to meet you Zai,” I heard that prick saying my name. I came out of my momentary daydream of me stomping the shit out of him, to see his proffered hand extended to me. I rolled my eyes, pushed past him and then walked right up to Nevada.
“Nevada,” I said refusing to acknowledge his presence. Why doesn’t he just go find a cliff and jump the fuck off I secretly seethed to myself. “How you been?” I asked.
She bit at her lower lip nervously and that made me smile a little on the inside. I was glad to see that my presence still had an effect on her. I opened my arms up to her attempting to give her a hug. She hesitated for a second as if she was thinking should she or not and then she finally gave way and entered my arms. Upon contact, my eyes closed as I inhaled her scent. She smelled fresh, clean and like wildflowers. I literally wanted to hold her forever, but I forced myself to let go.
“I’m fine. How ‘bout you?” She asked after having been released. I could see that she was a little flushed and flustered by my nearness and touch. That made me smile a little more. Cody must have noticed it also because next thing I knew he was by her side taking her hand possessively, interlocking it with his. Before I realized what he was doing , he then kissed it. She gave him a chaste smile.
“Hey should we get something to eat?”
“Sounds good.”
Her name was Hee-Jin Gwok and she was 19, pretty, shy and very likable. She spoke English relatively well and I understood a little Korean here and there. Her parents owned a television station in Seoul and she was a mass communications major. I hadn’t broken it off with Vanilla and I explained everything to Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin then confided in me that she also had someone back home in Seoul that she loved. So I did the only think that I knew to do.
“This is Hee-Jin and this is Vanilla.” I made the slightly awkward introductions as we sat down for lunch at The Emerald Room.
“Nice to meet you,” The ladies exchanged pleasantries.
“Love your hairpin where did you get it?” Vanilla asked admiring Hee-Jin’s flowery silk accessory.
“Handmade by my grandmother.” She said and then followed with, “Love those shoes.”
“Great, I know a funky brand name outlet store in Oak Brook… Would love to take you shopping. It’s lonely here now that my cousin is in New York.”
“Cool, I can’t wait. I’m so glad to have made friends here in America.”
She and Vanilla got alone really well; considering the situation. We had lunch and talked as if we had been high school buddies. There was an instant bizarre friendship connection made by us three.
“You’ve got someone back home?” Vanilla was asking her as we enjoyed our meal. This was weird to me, but I was going to roll with it. Hee-Jin nodded her head as she replied:
“Ja-Hoon Kim. We’ve dated since high school.”
“Wow that’s so cool. I’ve never had a boyfriend before.” Vanilla interjected and I looked at her.
“What am I?” I asked affronted by her accusation. They laughed at me. Vanilla leaned over pinching my cheek and then giving me a light kiss.
“Ahh, isn’t he so cute.” They laughed as if they had been old friends.
“Hey,” I interrupted thinking of a bright idea. They both looked at me.
“Wanna fly Ja-Hoon in for the summer?” Suddenly Hee-Jin’s eyes lit up.
“Could we?”
“Sure, we could fly him in and it would be like a vacation.”
“Oh God that would be so awesome.” Vanilla added and then she suddenly pounced all over me smothering me with wet kisses.
“You’re the best. Ooh, you’re so sweet when you wanna be.” She squealed to the curiosity of the other patrons in the restaurant who were watching the spectacle of the situation.
“I’ll call him later tonight and see if he can come.” Hee-Jin was so excited and I was even more. I knew that I was going to be getting a big surprise from Vanilla later on. I could tell that she was so turned on from my gesture of kindness it was all she could do to keep from taking me right there and now in that restaurant. I beamed at the sex I would be getting later tonight.
“More than likely she will never regain consciousness.” The doctor started. He broke eye contact, cleared his throat and then fumbled around with her chart before continuing. Mrs. Tate sat in the winged chair in his office with her legs crossed pretending to be brave. Her hair had started to thin around the edges and she had lost weight; about 15 pounds. Mr. Tate, George her husband sat next to her holding her hand and offering a slight supportive smile of understanding. His forehead creased with worry wrinkles and tired dark circles were prominent around his eyes. He too was putting forth his best held poker face.
“I think it’s time to consider other alternatives…” The doctor stated.
“I think it’s time to consider a new doctor.” I countered.
“Her delta waves Hertz show no signs of increasing; right now they barely meet the minimal requirement to not be considered brain dead.” He exhaled and then said: “There is very little brain activity.” He replied coldly while picking at some random piece of lint on his jacket.
“But there is still activity no less.” I adamantly interjected giving him a glare for even bringing this subject up.
“What are you saying?” Her father quietly asked.
The callous, disinterested doctor cleared his throat again before saying, “Maybe it’s time to consider a DNR, do not resuscitate status.”
“NO!” I was on my feet and in his face blazing with fire in my eyes. “That’s not an option!” I clenched my hands into tight balls of fist and my breathing became shallow and uneven as tears brimmed in my red eyes. I gave him a stone glare and he knew I wanted to tear right into him for even making such a ludicrous suggestion. Mr. Tate suddenly stood up, stepping between me and the doctor. I had murder in my eyes and he was in danger of experiencing homicide first hand.
“Let’s find a new doctor.” I stated. “Penelope doesn’t need a doctor who already thinks of her as dead.” Mrs. Tate stood also and touched me gently on my arm calming me down.
“Luis, why don’t we hear what he has to say?” She tried to sound reasonable and objective, but I wasn’t trying to be reasonable or objective. I wanted… no correction… I needed to be crazy insane; believe the impossible and hope for a miracle. No, I would not allow my mind for a second to entertain the possibility that she was never returning back to me.
“No. If we let go over here; then she might think it’s okay to let go over there. And I won’t stand for it. I won’t stand for her giving up like this. I want her to feel guilty for this. I want her to be sad for trying to runaway again… sad enough to fight. I want her to fight to live; fight to comeback. I want her to come back to me. She’s got to come back to me… She never…” My voice broke but I continued despite it. “She never even got a chance to hear me tell her that I love her. And if she doesn’t come back to me- then I’m going over there to bring her back. And it would be a real tragic if Naiara loses both of her parents to their own selfishness.”
Mrs. Tate was soon balling her eyes out and she looked reeked with guilt for allowing a momentary lapse in judgment; a moment of weakness and giving up. Good I wanted to make them feel guilty. I didn’t care if they thought they were making her suffer a painful, cruel and pitiful existence like this; I had to do whatever it took to give Penelope more time to heal, more time to fight, more time to forgive me, more time to come back to me. No, I didn’t care if she was suffering, just so long as she lived.
“We’ll talk when you can be more rational and think things through clearly.” The doctor said again.
“No, that will never happen. I won’t ever be rational, reasonable or even sane again if it means I have to give up on Penelope. You might as well certify me now and lock me up in the crazy house. I’ll rather live a life as a crazy madman then let go of Penelope; I won’t give her up- not today; tomorrow, next month or ever.” I didn’t even know that I was crying until I felt Mrs. Tate gently wiping away at my tears upon my face. She took me into her embrace and gave me a heartfelt hug; holding me seemingly like forever. Before we knew it we heard Mr. Tate saying,
“You’ve heard our son-in-law, and he makes the final decision.” He then joined us for a hug and the three of us stood there holding each other and quietly weeping together.
I slammed Jeda up against the brick wall outside of my condo.
“What the hell was that about? Why is that staying at your place? Are you trying to really break me and Nevada up?” I attacked him with allegations; giving him no time for explanations. I was holding back my anger. I wanted to light into him and tear him apart with my bare hands. I was hungry for his .
He pushed me off of him- hard knocking me almost off-balance.
“Get off of me man. I did this so that you wouldn’t lose her.”
Okay his mouth was moving but he was talking gibberish.
“What the fuck? How is having Code Blue here for my sake?” I asked him of this ludicrous that he was spouting.
“You asked me what the fuck could you do?” He started and I just stood there trying to grasp his point of view.
“There’s a saying: you should keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.” He took a small pause and then continued. “Well I thought about it… Rain brought Nevada back home and I brought the game to your home court… You know, home court vantage… Cody is in your territory now man… Either fight to win her back or just give her up. But don’t just sit around like a douche-bag whining and crying about how life isn’t fair… Do something. Seize the day man… It’s all up to you.”
Then Jeda walked back to his car; almost as if he was walking into the sunset just like an old Clint Eastwood movie. he sounded and looked so cool in that moment and for the first time in my life; I wished that I could be just like him when I grew up.
He was right Nevada was back for the next three weeks. I had to stop sitting around and bitching about my problems and start doing something to fix them. If I were going to win her back I had to get myself back into the game.

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