Diary of a Teen Prodigy: The College Life - Taming the Golden Boys: Volume 3 (Chapter 4, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 4

John Hopkins Medical School/ Campus
It was nothing like I had expected; urban city of steel meets 1950s small town USA. Literally the ground beneath my feet shook as a stampede of human bodies was surging forward towards me. I hardly had time to blink let along jump out of the way. I found myself jostled, tossed and then slammed down to the ground as roaring feet trampled over me. I couldn’t think; I could only react- “cover your head” a voice shouted out over the stampede as my hands and arms instantly snaked about my head as I tucked my body in a fetal position attempting to protect myself and major organs. Bodies tripped; stumbling and falling over me. There was a sea of unfortunate people like me who suddenly found themselves hurdled to the ground and at the mercy of merciless stomping as pandemonium had taken over the campus and I was left trying to figure out what was this mayhem.
Suddenly the airways ignited with bursts of echoing and earth shattering gunfire as:
… vibrated the ground and the surrounding atmosphere became charged with terror. Tracers that could barely be seen with the naked eye floated throughout the air as if in slo-mo just like in Hollywood movies; except it wasn’t a movie. Every living, breathing and moving being ran for cover. Screams, cries and wails of despair erupted throughout the crowd as bullets whizzed all around us. What the hell had I just walked into; the apocalypse?
“He’s got hostages.” I heard someone saying and I was dumbfounded by this situation. I had just gotten off the plane not even two hours ago. I had been calling Penelope’s number to no avail: ‘we’re sorry the party that you are trying to reach is not available. Please leave a message at the tone;’ the automated voice kept admonishing me.
“What’s going on?” I asked another body that was trapped laying besides me semi under a car seeking protection.
“A disgruntled student. He’s taken over the microbiology-lab and he’s holding the professor and students hostage.”
Microbiology-lab I thought; that’s where I was heading. Penelope’s lab should be ending right about… I looked at my watch. Oh shit. God please say it ain’t so, I prayed in desperation. God please help me this one time; don’t let Penelope be one of the hostages.
“Has anybody been hurt?” I asked again, but that person who had provided me with the sketchy info had suddenly disappeared. If I thought that I had been scared when Zai and Jeda told me about my impending fatherhood; then what I was feeling now was beyond the petrifaction and horror I had experienced back then. This bordered delirium. The whole situation became an outer-body experience for me. My spirit had literally left my body and was floating above me as I navigated against the flow of the swarm. I had to get to that building; I had to find out what was going on. Everyone was running away from the danger and I alone was surging straight ahead into the mouth of the lion. I couldn’t think or function past the idea that the love of my life and my child could possibly be in danger.
Adrenaline pumping, blood thrusting and heartbeat racing I wandered in a daze through the massive maze of people looking for anyone who could give me answers. I weeded my way through the now thinning crowd as most everyone had moved away from the commotion and abruptly I was confronted with a substantial police and swat barricade. FBI, SWAT, CIA, Homeland Security and campus security, the local PD were on the scene along with Fire Rescue and an entourage of ambulances. Everybody was scrambling and the place looked like a bizarre madhouse hooked on meth.
The media was even more in full force than the entire rescue squad as they not only dominated the streets and sidewalks but also the airways as the sound of rotating helicopters’ propellers rang in the distance and an onslaught of media trucks, equipment and personnel overtook the little space that was left as they reeled in footage of this urban tragedy live in the making. The situation looked critical if not dire. I could no longer feel myself. Stop it Luis, this is no time to be out, I reprimanded myself.
“STOP! You can’t come any further.” I was ordered by the Field Commander in charge.
“Please, I think my girlfriend maybe one of the hostages. She’s pregnant.” I desperately explained. I was distraught and I know I wasn’t in my right mind. Even though I was still able to respond to external stimuli, I was very much in-tuned to my inner self.
“What’s the name?” The Field Commander demanded.
“Penelope Tate,” I said with a nervous and hoarse voice.
“Just a minute.” The Field Commander walked a few feet away from me as he spoke into his wireless walkie-talkie. It felt like hours before he returned to me.
“We’re getting an attendance list… We should be able to confirm identities soon.”
“K… What exactly is going on?” I asked hoping for more details.
“Not exactly sure at this point. All we have is a shooter; possibly a disgruntled student. Go over there behind that barricade. If anything comes up, we’ll keep you posted.”
I nervously raked my fingers through my hair as I paced back and fro behind the barricade with other concerned family members and friends of possible hostages. I speed dialed Penelope’s number again and again. The white paint on the number one on my phone was beginning to fade. I kept getting voicemail. This wasn’t helping; my nerves were already fried. Every three seconds I was checking the time and time appeared as if it were standing still. This can’t be happening.
The White Palace was a 24-7 diner. It was smack dab in the heart of Chicago- Roosevelt and Canal; giving it an old-timers’ groove. The food, the place and the decor seemed out of place in 21st century Chicago with its stylish 1950s bucket seats and southern checkered pattern tablecloths. The décor screamed baby-boomers all the way; something our parents would enjoy- nevertheless it was packed with echo boomers and generation Y. Good food, ambience and location have that kind of effect on people. The thing about the White Palace was- it was breakfast all the time, along with lunch and dinner; you could order them no matter what time of day, evening or night. It was after 1 a.m. and I had a taste for pancakes, syrup and Vanilla. Freckles was really starting to cramp my style; he had become a real eyesore to me. I shot him a couple of negative vibes that said ‘get-along-little-doggy; time to go home’ but the dude was evidently dense as a rock. He never picked up the vibes.
Vanilla was looking sultry in that flowery print get-up with that wildly kinky hair draping loosely around her exposed shoulders and collarbone. She wasn’t wearing a lot of make-up; only a glitzy smoky blue eye shadow that gave her a demure dangerously sexy look with a soft powered pink gloss accentuating her perfectly pouty round lips. Looking at her physical attributes; it was hard to believe that her parentage were both of the Caucasian persuasion. Her skin tone was the most beautiful olive caramel color that only enhanced her auburn kinks and large cat-like gray eyes that were highlighted with specks of gold. She was often mistaken for having interracial heritage. Watching her was torture and thinking about her being sexual with another man and having him sitting across the table from me was pure hell on earth. I had to find a way to get Freckles out of the picture. The lady was coming home with me tonight.
“Are you two dating?” I heard Freckles asking.
“Yes-” “No-” We both said at the same time. Vanilla smirked as she chewed on a bite of her feta and mushroom omelet. I found her reaction irritating and Freckles was just plain annoying.
“I mean we’ve been seeing each other for a while,” I offered.
“But it’s nothing serious.” She clarified. I glared at her for a second catching her attention.
“What? Did I say something wrong?” She asked in that same shameless tone from before.
“How long have you known her?” I asked Freckles totally ignoring Vanilla. I would deal with her later tonight.
“What… maybe two-three months…” He stated unsure. I huffed at his answer while giving her another glare. She looked at me with innocent eyes and I swear I wanted to snatch her. She was my worst nightmare; she was the female version of me. Next thing I knew I grabbed her by the arm and was pulling her out of the chair and through the door of the restaurant.
“Excuse us,” I said not caring if Freckle boy heard me or not. Once outside, I roughly pushed her up against the brick wall on the side of the building as I stood less than inches into her personal space. My breath was hot as it vibrated against her warm cocoa skin and I felt myself growing hard being in close proximity to her. I stretched my arms out resting my hands over her shoulders against the wall and locking her within my grasp. The rise and fall of her bosom gently touched my chest and I wanted to press my body against her.
“Sup?” She asked in the unmitigated gall of innocence. I shook my head and then looked heavenward as I rolled my eyes to the back of my head. “Unbelievable” I mumbled under my breath.
“What is this?” I asked in a barely controlled whisper.
“What’s what?” She responded. My right eyebrow shot up questioning at her as I groaned inwardly. Is she for real?
“Are you kidding me?” I asked. I was in shock that she was playing dumb with me.
“Moui, what are you talking about?” She looked at me and I stared back at her. Suddenly she let out a half sigh- half laugh and then she slightly shook her head as she said,
“Don’t tell me that you thought we had something special?”
And snap just like that I felt my right and left balls being detached from my body. She was the first woman who had stolen my manhood. I dropped my head at her words. Her bosom tormented my sight in the soft glow of the street light from across the street. It took everything inside of me not to lean my head down and kiss the swell of her breasts. I raised my head back up, meeting her eyes and then I heard myself saying,
“Yea, I thought the two of us had something special.” Next thing I knew my lips were massaging hers and my body grinding hard against her soft supple body pressing her against the brick wall as if I were trying to push her through it. We kissed passionately and she opened her mouth slightly and my tongue slipped in, getting a better taste of her. I was going to brand her mines; making sure she understood that she belonged to me. Our lips were locked like that for a good fifteen minutes as my hands openly explored under that flowery mini dress she wore. I squeezed at her ass and her hands stroked and massaged me seemingly all over. Her body felt soft and firm to me; it made me desire her even more and the soft gasps of pleasure that escaped her swollen lips told me she was feeling the same way to. We both were breathless and hot as her legs came up catching me about my waist.
“I thought this was all you wanted,” she finally whispered against my neck as we took a short breather. I paused briefly trying to think rationally before my next words, but before I knew it:
“That was then this is now,” I whispered into her ear and the two of us left in my car leaving Freckles behind to take care of the bill.
Cambridge, MA
MIT Campus/ Dorm
I sat in the small room watching her every movement. Except for a few minor details her dorm room was exactly like mines. Her roommate had been sleeping peacefully when we entered; but surmising the situation she made up an excuse and quickly vacated the room- giving us privacy.
Nevada looked good. She looked like she had somehow matured a little. Physically she had put on a little weight; all in the right places, grown an inch or two and she was beginning to have the mature figure of a young adult woman complete with curves, hips and boobs. But I guess it was a little selfish of me to want to keep her all to myself; after all she would be 17 in about five months. Seventeen; wait how old is that joker? It suddenly occurred to me that Cody-man was at least 20. I scoffed at the idea. If Daisy had threatened me with statutory rape then wouldn’t he be classified as a pedophile? Note to self: send Daisy an anonymous letter; daughter dating pedophile. Finally after washing the makeup off her face and tying her hair back she sat on a plush beanbag chair across the room from me. I guess a hug would have been asking for too much.
“I was meaning to call you soon.” She started sounding a little nervous.
“Yea, well I was growing tired of waiting,” I said a little harsher than I meant to.
“Sorry, school, homework and stuff.”
“Yea I see the stuff you’re into,” I insinuated thinking about watching him giving her a piggyback ride. I wanted to spit.
“It’s not like that; he’s just a friend.” She defended.
“Lucky you.” I said with an edge. In frustration I was suddenly on my feet pacing in that small room. My hands were stuffed into my pockets.
“Zai,” and suddenly she was on her feet looking at me; her emerald eyes wide with tears glimmering in them. I pulled her to me; holding her tightly not wanting to let her go; not wanting to hear her say firsthand what I had already inadvertently overheard as I watched the two of them talking near her dorm tonight.
“Zai,” she whispered as her voice broke off and her body gently shook against mines. She softly sobbed against my chest. I reached up stroking her hair willing to return to the past and make things right again; wishing I could start all over again.
“I’m sorry Zai,” she continued in that soft hushed whisper. “I’m sorry that I can’t get past this.” She finally admitted to us and I felt broken. I hugged her even tighter, stroking her hair and then her back. I buried my tear-streaked face into her short-crop as I planted gentle kisses on her neck, earlobe, throat, cheeks and face.
“Please don’t do this to us,” I begged with kisses on my lips. “It won’t ever happen again. I promise.” I begged.
“I’m sorry,” she sobbed again as she allowed me to have my fill of her. I kissed her like I would never see her again- and then I disappeared from her life- forever.

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