Semper Mine (Chapter Two: Katya, page 2 of 7)

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"You're going to knock your leg off," I snap at him. "The doctor said not to mess with it!"

Petr rolls his eyes. "This thing is cemented to my bone. It's not coming off." He slaps his new leg harder, and I flinch.

It just doesn't look sturdy.

"Your meds," I say and hold them out. He's been avoiding them, I think because they make him a little less … hyper. He's been insisting for days he's ready to return to duty, while the medical staff wants him to wait another month before letting the military decide what he can and cannot do, if they let him back in at all.

At a little over six feet tall, he's got my father's heavy features, a nose that's been broken more than once, and a lopsided grin that makes him charmingly roguish in appearance. His hair has grown out some since he came home four months ago, but there's no way he resembles anything other than the soldier he is.

He's regained the muscle mass he lost while in the coma for three weeks and managed to put on more weight. He works out every day like he's going to return to the war that killed our brother and nearly cost Petr his life, too.

Over my dead body. I'm the youngest in the family, but you'd think I was the mother. Probably because I took over the role of taking care of my thickheaded, stupid older brothers after our mother died. I was nine, and they were fourteen, old enough to be in trouble every weekend.

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