Semper Mine (Chapter Three: Sawyer, page 2 of 7)

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"I'll throw myself on a grenade for you, but I will not get in her line of fire," Petr replies. With a quick, efficient walk, he leads me out of the room and down another hallway quickly, using techniques we employ in a war zone to evade detection in order to avoid his sister.

Not that I blame him. They weren't exaggerating about her temper.

"Freedom!" Petr breathes when we step outside the hospital. It's a private clinic I read about online with specialists that only families like Petr's can afford. When I asked him why, he said it was because he could afford treatment that most other injured soldiers couldn't, so to save the government resources for them.

They did him up right, I have to admit. He's happy, healthy, strong and fully recovered.

"You drove, Iceman?" Petr asks with a glance over his shoulder.

"Black F-350." I point to the largest truck in the parking lot.

"She'll find us, but it helps to have a head start."

I laugh. "Three tours in Iraq, and you're running from your sister."

"You heard that tongue. Before, it was divided between Mik and me. Now there's just me. I've had no peace since waking up from the coma."

"I take it she's got no boyfriend?" Why did I just ask that? I want nothing to do with his sister, let alone care about her life.

"She did, but he left her. She spent weeks with me at the hospital and not enough time with him. We know how that goes."

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