Second Harvest (Chapter Three, page 1 of 9)

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On the ride into town, Sara and Abe rode in their wagon while Billy rode with Roy on Molly. The ride was quiet with the two boys making banter throughout the trip. Once in town, everyone separated because Roy had some personal errands. Sara stopped by the general store first. Mr. Dillard had a new pump in stock, so Sara purchased it along with other goods she needed. Roy was coming out of the sheriff's office when he noticed Sara, the two boys, and the elderly Mr. Dillard struggling to load the massive pump into the back of their buckboard. Roy dashed across the street.

Grabbing the pump, Roy easily heaved it into the wagon bed. Jumping into the buckboard, he wrestled the pump toward the front. Abe then handed some rope to Roy, and they started lashing the pump down. Fascinated, Sara watched the man work. She was impressed by his generous nature and strength. Once Roy finished his task, he moved to the rear to hop off, but Sara leaned over and kissed Roy on the cheek.

"Thanks, Roy."

Frank Dillard grinned and headed back to his store.

Nervous and shy, Roy stammered. "I, I need to visit the bank. I'll see you later."

Sara watched Roy quickly stride across the street and walk toward the bank.

"He's a nice man, isn't he Maw?"

"Yes he is, Abraham, yes indeed."

Later that afternoon, Roy was walking to the blacksmith shop because Molly was getting new shoes. As he leisurely walked, Roy was lost in his thoughts. Sara and the boys were slowly rolling down the street in the buckboard and heading home, following Roy. Abe looked at his mother who was observing Roy casually walking down the boardwalk.

"You like him, Maw?"

Sara blushed and ribbed Abe with her elbow. In a flash, Abe jumped from the moving wagon and ran up behind Roy. He reached out and tugged on Roy's sleeve. Startled, Roy stopped dead in his tracks looking down at Abe with a frown.

"Maw wants to know if you're coming to supper tonight."

Roy looked up at Sara, who looked as puzzled as Roy.

"She asked that?"

Abe lied. "Yes sir, Roy. We'd be mighty proud if you joined us for supper. Abe looked back at his mother who, in silence, shook her head and held out her arms questioningly.

"See Roy, she's waiting for an answer."

Roy stared at the ground and shoved both hands into his pockets. Roy suspected something was amiss with Abe's story.


"I like you, Roy. You're kind to Maw, and I think she likes you. Are you coming or not?" Abe stuck out his hand pointing it toward Sara. It was the longest thirty seconds of Abe's short life. Finally, Roy leaped off the boardwalk and started walking toward Sara. Instantly, Abe raced to get ahead of Roy and hopped into the buckboard out of breath.

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